Has Barkha once again given away vital Army movement info?

Barkha Dutt is famous for revealing sensitive information during 26/11 attacks in Mumbai which might have helped terrorists. It appears she has once again breached the line and given out vital information.

Few days back Barkha was seen blissfuly tweeting army troops positions, strategies etc, while she was touring the are aaround LoC:

And on the very same day, we saw the army release a statement warning strictly against exactly these activities!

Was this warning meant for Barkha Dutt? Did the army see her tweets and realise things are going too far? Has she once again compromised our security forces?

If yes, besides castigating Barkha, we must ask:

Who gave her permission to meet such army personnel?

Why has her dubious track record not been considered?

What action will be taken against her if indeed she has violated norms?

The Indian Government must wake to proxies within India.

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