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women employee exploitation

The plight of newly arrived: Interns struggling in unsecured and unsafe working environment for their career

In the light of movement like #MeToo in the legal fraternity, now it's time to institutionalize internship mechanism and provide a safe and healthy working environment to law interns with surety of their safety and security.

मीटू के कारनामे

मिटू इस महीने एक ऐसा दहशतगर्द शब्द हो गया है कि कोई युवती अगर तोते को मिट्ठू कर के बुलाये तो भी लोगों को लगे यह मिटू कह रही है।

Pro and Cons of # Me Too movement in India

#Me Too is a wake-up call for politicians of all hues.

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