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Remembering the ravehearts of Galwan

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In the year 2020, after series of round of talks in India and China. A sudden attack took place to the brave Indian soldiers. After series of talks between the commanders from both the sides, the Chinese military professionals overtook The Indian territory and tried to push The Indian soldiers back. But, Chinese soldiers were unaware that, the Bravehearts can do anything for the goodwill of the nation.

Indian brave soldiers were trying to push the chinese soldiers back into their territory, but suddenly, one officer from The Chinese side attacked the top force. Maj.Gen.Santosh Babu with the nailed sticks. When coming to know about the health of Maj.Santosh Babu, Indian soldiers stabbed The Chinese army officers and killed at least 43 of them. But, in this battle of pride, India lost it’s 20 bravehearts. Saluting them officially – retired Maj Gen – GD BAKSHI says to Opindia-

the chinese army was a coward one, trying to make the indian officers pull back and was trying to conquer the indian territory. but the great indian soldiers made it totally impossible.

Said major general retired GD BAKSHI

This was cowardly attack made by the Chinese army to the Indian Army. OPINDIA salutes the bravehearts of India!

written by – VED SOLANKE

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