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UPSC aspirants; be Dharmic, slash hegemony!

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The ‘class’ of UPSC is unconquered by any examination of the present Indian Nation. It is, according to me, by far, the best exam to filter out real scholars from a confused lot. Still, the study of this exam is largely influenced by Marxists, post-colonial studies, subaltern studies and post-modernism. These schools of thought have completely eulogised the foreign invasions, be it physical, political, religious or ideological, while at the same time, creating a disdain for Hinduism and India’s cultural ethos. This is contrary to the fact that Hinduism finds no mentions in the elite class discourses but rather is neglected as communalism. Neither the Hindu school of thought is much adhered to, nor is it currently even being recognised by the establishment of this “secular state”, India currently is. Instead it is being vilified and continuously objected to in the power circles.

The secular state is bent on eradicating and dismantling the foundations of the Hindu society, by

  1. Giving free hand to the Abrahamic missionaries to ‘liberate India from its Hinduism’.
  2. Holding Temples and their wealth and, levying tax on them and at the same time giving salaries to priests of the Churches and Moulvis of the Madarsas.
  3. Myopic on taking on the left liberals and Abrahamics who are demeaning and Breaking India.
  4. Having no clarity for the necessities of Indic Cultural Nationalism in the present times, but vilifying it for their personal agenda.

These agendas of Left-Abrahamic have been covertly amplified in the previous years, in the establishment, because of the studies pertaining to it. The studies are deeply inspired from Western Universities and basically from Western Universalism which tries to encompass Western thought as universally applicable. The scholars and basically the Indian Scholars who may or may not have experienced the ongoing discriminations in the current Hindu society (due to caste prejudice and others), are deeply influenced by the Western Social thought they study, and with it carry a certificate of elitism to show off to the Indian diaspora. The Indians, (due to the colonial effect) are highly influenced by these ‘Western Intellectuals’ and give them space in the Indian podiums for discussion. Though as argued by Sri Rajiv Malhotra, this ‘class’ is nothing but just a ‘sepoy class’ (Indian soldiers, in colonial times, who used to work for the Britishers and saw themselves as elite)

The literature published by the ‘sepoys’ generally conceive Indian society (Hindu society to be precise) in a problematic way. This kind of literature later forms part of the popular culture, not only because they invest hugely to remain in the academic circles and to mass publicise their opinions, but also because the ‘secular state’ fails to recognise their true motives. The kind of seed (of literature) they sow, is then taken care and and harvested by political parties for their vote banks resulting in complete de-establishment of a state. (For example, these stupid and illogical moulding of facts, has actually led to civil wars in countries like Sri Lanka and Rwanda and has also helped in flaming the so called ‘revolution’ to destroy the monarchy of Nepal, resulting in the destruction of the only Hindu state, step by step.

Cultural Nationalism is the only step forward to unite India and solve its present problems in order to lead the world. It is not only because of the ‘bundle of sticks being unbreakable’, but because the philosophies of Vedanta and Upanishads form the basis of Indic view which carries the power to eradicate clashes and disputes while giving the knowledge of peaceful coexistence. It sincerely and happily deviates from Marx point of view which is myopic in the sense, that clash and violent revolution is the solution to everything.

Hence the idea of study for UPSC should be changed and the Dharmic school of thought must be invoked in order to understand the Indian cultural society and its denigrations over time. This Dharmic view for the Indian society should also be respected and not looked down upon. The histories written by Thapars and Habibs have been highly influenced by the Western thought and have a serious disdain for Hindus, meanwhile eulogising Mughals who were the actual colonizers. The other subjects of social sciences such as Sociology, Psychology, Anthropology, Philosophy, Political sciences have their source in Western studies and the denigrations of all that is Hindu (Hinduphobia) is more or less, instilled in the honest minds of sincere students, weakening their connect with Hinduism et al. The UPSC aspirants should in fact think about how a particular subject has influenced the cultural view of India and can we really present a counter on this view with facts. When the other side is being read and written in the papers, this shall give a completely different view to the exam checkers and shall hit them where it hurts the most.

I am of the firm opinion that the Hindu renaissance is on its way and will lead to overall good for India. The intellectual Kshatriyas are studying, doing purvapakshas and in coming years will form part of the current establishment, eventually leading it. But for the highest goal to be achieved, we need a sincere study about our own fields of thought, for example Savarkar, Deel Dayal Upadhyay, Sita Ram Goel and RC Majumdar are some names whose literature can inspire their own schools of thought. They need to be read, the counter arguments need to be presented to the current academic ecosystem whose hegemony is being witnessed in our academia. Until and unless we study the ‘other face’ we won’t be able to achieve what we call as Hindu Cultural Nationalism, and the current establishment, if goes unchecked will lead to another partition some day or the other.

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