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World’s largest Shivling devastated under Congress government

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Very renowned and famous Shivling situated at top of Madheshwar Hills, Mayali in Jashpur district of Chattisgarh was found to be devastated by local residents. It is about 85 feet high and 105 feet circular. This was found by some residents of village named Jokri, they saw the broken parts of shivling when they went to offer prayers to lord Shiva on the very first Monday of “Shravan maas” (fifth month of Hindu calendar) this was told by an official dated on July 6. This matter comes under Kunkuri Police Station and when this came in knowledge of the Sarpanch of the village a complaint was filed under Section 295-A (deliberate and malicious acts intended to outrage religious feelings of any class by insulting its religion or religious beliefs) of IPC.

That region has a very stronghold of missionaries also has witnessed numerous number of conversions too. If it would have been happened with any different “dharamsthal” the situation would have been different, it would have caused major disarray.

The matter is that are Hindu Holy places even safe under congress government? because this all happened with Lord Shiva’s temple that too in the month of “Shraavan” which is also called as “Saavan Maah” was this intentional? that place already has majority of missionaries. why did congress government failed to maintain security of the world’s largest Shivling which ended up hurting sentiments of Hindus. There are many such incidents which do not even come under the light of media, Bhupesh Baghel lead congress government is nothing but a complete failure, after this matter happened there was no clarification given by the government neither they ensured a proper inspection of the matter.

Why there is no media coverage under Bhupesh Baghel lead congress government when sentiments of Hindus are hurt like that? Who is responsible for the safety of temples? because if it would have happened with holy place of some other community there would have been proper media coverage and chaos. Why is congress government not even bothering on this matter? This is not at all a small matter because this is directly hurting of Hindu sentiments in every way the question arises why this happened? but the big question is happening of this that too in “Sharavan”month only, was this intentional? there should be a proper surveillance done and criminals who have done this needs to get behind the bars as soon as possible.

Why does the congress always plays deaf and sightless when the matter is of importance no wonder what is stopping them also when they were asked for an answer seriously this is what which happened “This condemnable incident took place during the auspicious month of Shravan dedicated to the worship of Lord Shiva. It indicates a conspiracy. The Congress government in the state has failed to protect Hindu places of worship,” said state BJP spokesperson Sanjay Shrivastav said. Hitting back, state Congress media wing chief Shailesh Nitin Trivedi said, “It is strange BJP has blamed the ruling party over an act committed by anti-socials. BJP is trying to incite communal tension and disturb social harmony.” this was the answer rather than any explanation or guarantee of the proper investigation which has to be done.

Till how long will Bhupesh Baghel lead congress government will play blame games and just talk on televisions, this matter is not at all a normal matter the temple of lord Shiva and the Shivling has been devastated, for Hindus this is not at all a matter of something which they will just let go off. The government is solely responsible for not be able to protect the temple and they are unable to protect the worship places of Hindus. This is so shameful and the government should now at least come up and give answer on behalf of this also should make sure themselves and assure to each and everyone that the matter will be taken care off also the criminals would be given punishment. The government should completely answer for this condemnable incident.

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