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‘Aayega to Modi hi’ and ‘Mai bhi chowkidaar’ – the two slogans that portray defiance by the common man

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There are many slogans that are flying around in this election but the two of them have captured the people’s imagination much more than all the others (like it is the case in any elections) – ‘Aayega to Modi hi’ and ‘Mai bhi chowkidaar’.

Although both the slogans have emerged from the general public through the instrument of social media, they have been made popular by the BJP campaign team. Since they have now become the clarion call for all the Modi ‘Bhakts’ and supporters, the Lutyens Left-Liberal ecosystem is trying its best to portray them as arrogant and aggressive, something which does not pass their sophistication test and thus should be demeaned at all cost using any means.

What they perceive as arrogant and anti-democratic, based on their perverse logic and twisted thought process, are actually the call of defiance by the general masses who might not have understood their true colors but have begun to understand their dubious intentions.

It is a well known fact that this ecosystem had hijacked the collective Indian thought process by establishing control over most of the institutions in last many decades. They used to have the final say on what was right and wrong, on what was allowed or not, on what was condemn-able or what was not. They looted the country and enjoyed its riches while the rest of the public was left to fight for crumbs thrown at them by the ‘large-hearted dynasts’.

They had taken the country at the verge of an economic failure and a social disaster through their policies and misuse of power. Generation and generations of sins were whitewashed with a single use of ink by writing false histories and euphoric praises. The entire country was forced to fall into the feet of new-age Kings and Queens, some of them imported from outside to let the masses know how ‘uncivilized’ they were and how they need ‘outsiders’ to teach them civility and ‘loyalty’.

It almost seemed like a lost battle when one man took everyone by surprise to rise to power in 2014. He was a symbol of hope for millions of Indians who were tired of living like foreigners in their own land. Who were tired of this ecosystem speaking on their behalf and teaching them about their own self.


It was a surprise for everyone, even for those who strongly believed in the man and the party. Since then, he has not only entrenched himself in the minds of his believers but has also gained popularity among his earlier detractors; through his policies, governance and conduct. He has enhanced his stature through his knowledge, philosophies and honesty. He has lived up to the expectations of being a strong and honest leader but has pleasantly surprised many with his soft skills to charm and inspire everyone around him.

He has proven to be a man in hurry and the one who means business with his speed, delivery, and vision. While improving the economic health and business health, he has also been able to touch the lives of millions of poor directly through one or the other scheme. The schemes have been designed to make a tangible impact on the quality of life of the beneficiary, be it Ujjwala, Saubhagya, Toilets, Housing for all, DBT, Jan-dhan, Kisan Samman, Ayushman, or numerous others.

Even the hard-core haters of Narendra Modi have to begrudgingly admit the impact of the schemes when they hear directly from the people who have received the benefits. And given the tendency of the media to find anything under the sun to blame Modi or invent something to cast aspersions on his claims and promises in these last few years, we can safely assume that they would have been trying very hard to find faults with all these schemes. This means the reality is closer to what government claims rather than what the opposition wants us to believe.


Having known very well that the nations are not build in 5 years or 10 years, all the problems do not get solved in one term given that we live in a democracy which we all cherish so much, they try to play the game of ‘but-what-else’ or ‘Acchhe din’ with the general public while talking to them although simultaneously trying to push their agenda on them.

They fully understand that the speed and delivery of this govt. is unseen in Independent Indian history. The know very well that they have been unable to cast aspersions on the intentions of this govt. given the level of transparency and achievements this govt. has been able to showcase. They conveniently forget that for the past so many decades the elections were being fought on ‘Right to Food’ and ‘increasing subsidized cylinders from 6 to 8, or 8 to 12’.

They try to subtly push their agenda into the minds of the people by using a series of misleading questions, an art which they have mastered in all these years. Those who can see the work but are unable to articulate it very well, unaware of the evil designs of theirs, then are forced to come up with slogans which then become the clarion calls for the many.

When they keep asking an endless ‘what else’ from a young villager, they admit a lot more has to be done (which we all know) but simultaneously come up with ‘Aayega to Modi hi’. When they question people about Rafale ‘Scam’, despite being privy to the truth themselves, a lesser aware middle class man dismiss the allegations and the lies by saying ‘Mai bhi Chowkidaar’.

These slogans have become the voice of the masses who can see the work around them, can sense that the intentions of the govt. are noble, can feel that the country is moving in the right direction, but are unable to express it in the ‘Angrezi’ words that these snobbish elite understand.

They are an act of defiance by the people who are standing up against this evil ecosystem that has kept them poor and needy for their own selfish gains.

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