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Why Prime Minister Modi must be elected again

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Avinash Choubey
Avinash Choubey
Nationalist Indian, Interested in Indian History, Politics & Spirituality

When Narendra Modi was chosen as PM candidate by BJP for 2014 election & addressed Shri Ram College, Delhi as one of the very first campaigns, he showcased how he transformed Gujarat in a decade. Development pitch an idea, he outlined created a sense of hope to Indians who were in an array of dismay, by the way, UPA 2 handled India on every aspect from 2004-14 with failures on economics, national security, development & internal security issues.

India was becoming a hub of corruption under the watch of Sonia, even Nawaz Sharif allegedly referred to Manmohan Singh as Dehati Aurat to a couple of Indo-Pak journalists in the US when Dr Singh was supposed to meet Sharif and that showed that Indian PM Dr Singh was just a joke even for such a weak country like Pakistan.

On 26th May 2014, when Modi took oath as 15th Prime Minister of India, he signalled as to how he is going to manage his international relations by calling all heads of SAARC including Mr Sharif; though Sharif was heavily criticized in Pakistan for flying to India to attend Modi’s swearing-in ceremony.

When Mr Modi went to parliament for the first time, he touched its stairs, like we do when we visit the temple, as a mark of respect, that showed that Mr Modi considers parliament as a temple, these indications showed the intent of the Man.

In the last 5 years of Modi as PM, India has moved from one extreme to other; from possibly most corrupt & spineless PMO to most hardworking & honest PMO; from fragile five economy to world’s highest growing economy; and Mr Modi has changed India’s international narratives, While Sharif called Dr Singh as Dehati Aurat; today Imran Khan cries that Modi ignores his call, India also is now a space superpower, something (ASAT) which ISRO & DRDO couldn’t test during Manmohan-Sonia govt, because they were unable to give a go-ahead for reasons best known to them.

Tavleen Singh in her book, India’s broken Tryst writes how Sonia Gandhi when went to Amethi for the first time with Rajiv when Indira G was PM, came and discussed about extreme poverty for a couple of days, she was either fascinated or shocked, and forgot it and surprisingly couldn’t do anything to change Amethi’s fortune even after she was de facto PM of India. She also writes how Sonia & Rajiv travelled to around 30 countries in first few months of Rajiv as PM, Sonia attended all important fashion shows and wore most expensive clothes, I am just referring to these incidents to make readers aware about Sonia’s thinking and mindset.

Rahul has inherited the same, he had spent a night at the 30-year-old Sunita’s house to show that the Congress identified itself with the Dalit cause. A few years later, she exposed Rahul as to how she was unable to reach her MP Rahul Gandhi when her house was set on fire by some criminals.

Lets us look at how India is transformed under Modi on some key parameters.

Schemes for Underprivileged Indians

Modi doesn’t believe in symbolism when he was offered to wear Muslims Cap, he refused to say that I respect your religion, but I will wear my faith. Modi believes in uplifting poor, Dalit & downtrodden people of the society. His key schemes like Swachh Bharat has ensured that today almost all houses of India have toilets, Ujjwala is able to deliver more than 9 crores free LPG to women & has thus given them smoke free kitchen; both these schemes are very basic in nature but has changed women’s lives and has improved on the health index as well.

One of his first initiative, Jan Dhan Yojna, Modi has been able to open bank accounts for entire India, 33 crores bank accounts to the people who had no access to banks, thus ensuring 99% Indians have banking access now; when in 2017, he announced Demonetization, this scheme made more sense. This scheme also benefitted govt in crores of rupees which otherwise were leaked during various benefits schemes. Banking to all has made DBT so easy & transparent, PM Kisan Yojna, a scheme where 12 crore farmers would be given 6000 per year, will also be another key beneficiary of Jan Dhan Yojna.

More than 18000 villages and more than 2.5 crores of homes were unelectrified; today there is 100% electrification; data like this speaks for itself, it also shows where Sonia led UPA lacked & all other previous governments too. All these schemes have impacted the most common men’s lives and changed it dramatically.

National Security

India has a dual issue of security: Internal and External, both are trying to break India. Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh once said India’s biggest internal security challenge was Maoist violence. In 2009, the total number of Maoist incidents reported across the country was 2,258, the number of civilians killed 591 and security forces killed 317. The same year, 220 Maoists were also killed.

In comparison, 908 LWE incidents were reported across the country in 2017-18. While 75 security personnel and 188 civilians were killed, at least 136 Maoists were gunned down. Casualties among security forces have declined by 53-55%

One of the major initiatives of the government was clearing implementation of a Rs 25,060 crore umbrella scheme to modernize central and state police forces, this has helped in reducing Maoist incidents and empowering our security forces and hence thousands of Maoists have surrendered in last few years of Modi govt.

National security has seen a major boost in the way we respond to challenges. Two incidents which started the change were both at different horizons. First one was when Naga militants killed 18 soldiers in Manipur in June 2015. Modi gave the clearance to attack and a free hand to defence forces immediately, the surgical strike inside Myanmar was carried out by a crack team of about 70 commandos of the Indian Army who finished the operation within 40 minutes, leaving 38 Naga insurgents dead and seven injured in July 2015. India became the third country in the world after the US and Israel to cross into another country’s border to kill terrorists.

Peaceful resolution of the Doklam dispute has been Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s biggest geo-strategic win to date says Rajat Sethi. It further demonstrated the success of a quiet leadership – where cold and calculative moves beat chest-thumping rhetoric and where results speak for themselves. To convince China to agree to India’s demand would have been tough, Modi must have been done more than what our eyes can see internationally to build pressure on China.

How’s the Josh is currently Bharat’s tagline post-Uri. Surgical strike crossing LOC & destroying terror camps in Pakistan by no means seemed possible pre-Modi era, he made it look so easy and important part is that Pakistan had no chance to react. On 14th Feb 2019, when horrific incident in Pulwama happened and Modi promised in Rajasthan rally after few days that “Main Maa Bhavani Ka Saugandh Khata hu ki Badla lunga, We were sure something big will happen, Trump told US media that India is planning something big, we were just waiting before Balakot news came in. It reinforced our belief in Modi’s words when he says Talk & Terror can’t go together. It also showed how weak was Dr Singh as dummy PM & India under Sonia when same Air force who killed 250-300 terrorists inside Pakistan post-Pulwama, didn’t get clearance to go ahead & destroy terror camps post 26/11 in Mumbai which was even worse than Pulwama.


In UPA era, while corruption was its peak, in fact Manmohan Singh said I feel ashamed to come out in public due to massive corruption; Indian economy was termed in Fragile Five category by Morgan Stanley due to its instability & dependency on external forces in 2013; from fragile five to the world’s fastest-growing economy under Modi era.

Manmohan Singh on UPA Corruption

India has received massive foreign direct investment worth USD 239 billion in the last five years on account of a stable and predictable regulatory regime, growing economy and strong fundamentals. India is becoming an electronics manufacturing hub for electronics, from a mere 2 mobile manufacturing company to 120 mobile companies now. India has last week surpassed Britain to become the 5th largest economy in the world and the second largest in terms of purchasing power parity.

The more important fact is that Mr Modi has put India on the track for quick growth in the next decade due to various economic initiatives from Demonetization to Benami Act to Economic offender’s act to Bankruptcy code. Here is a leader who has not hesitated to take the strongest possible decisions in the interest of the nation.

Infrastructure Development

Speed and scale with which roads, ports and railways are being built is double or more of what UPA was able to do in 2013-14, but it just starts after UPA’s anti-development and blockage policy of infra projects. Multiple infrastructure projects have been launched and some are on the brink of implementation. Rs. 12,00,000 crore Sagarmala project of building more than 6 mega ports, Rs 50,800-crore Setu Bharatam project of renovating 1500 British era bridges, Rs 1198 crore project of building world’s highest bridge on Chenab and several others are key projects initiated under Modi government. Priyanka Gandhi taking riverways to go to Varanasi from Prayagraj is an example of how Gadkari has transformed inland waterways. We know that Pepsi started bringing its container from Kolkata to Varanasi through Ganga using inland waterways.

North East has seen first-time Railway connectivity and even Airports are reaching at the Indo-China border. Vande Mataram express which started between Delhi-Varanasi runs at the rate of 180 km/hr is completely made in India. Bullet train work is in progress and is expected to be finished by 2021.

We must vote Modi because several of infra projects which are in progress would help him complete and thus making India even more connected & accessible.

Foreign Policy

As Modi rightly put in an interview with CNN-IBN this week that our foreign relation is changed exactly 360 degrees now, previously only Russia was with India on disputes and terror issues, and rest of world with Pakistan; now only China is indirect with Pakistan and rest of the world including the Middle East with India.

critical evacuation exercise of not only 4,800 Indians but also 1,972 people from other countries in ‘Operation Rahat’ from Yemen was a massive win for Modi which was supported by Saudi King Salman.

Modi got the bilateral Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement signed with the United States in 2016 for facilitating logistical support, supplies and services between the United States and Indian militaries on a reimbursable basis and providing a framework to govern such exchanges & followed it up with the signing of Communications Compatibility and Security Agreement (COMCASA) in 2018 to facilitate access to advanced defense systems and enable India to optimally utilize its existing U.S.-origin platforms.

Modi receiving highest civilian award both from Saudi Arabia & UAE, Seoul Peace Prize from South Korea, Champions of earth award for protection of Environment and marketing guru’s Philip Kotler Presidential Award is a reflection of Modi’s global image and diplomacy. Modi was able to add black money clause in his first ever G 20 summit. Today Israel, US, Russia, Germany, France, UK & other powerful countries are supporting Modi govt in all its global policies.  Last month, At the UN, France lead a proposal to put Masood Azhar on the terrorist list supported by the US & UK.  India’s passport power has increased across the globe and Modi has been a Rockstar PM globally. As per Forbes, he is the 9th most powerful global leader; he is the second most followed leader globally on Social media as well.

Modi Govt achievements in last 5 years

What we must vote Modi? Why Modi Again?

One of my friends while discussing about Modi, his campaigns & 2019, wrote to me that “”This is by far the best government, Modi should not be even campaigning… his losing or not getting majority will be comment on the maturity of voters and inability of so-called educated people to educate others” I wish India  and voters would have evolved, but reality is it hasn’t.

While there are numerous transformations initiatives that Modi has been able to manage, most of his plan needs to continue to be able to achieve the optimal objective in changing India & its people; and hence we must vote for Modi to take India forward. We must also vote Modi because we cannot afford to go back to a regime that will teach our children patriotism of Aurangzeb & Tipu Sultan; that will loot houses of martyred army’s widow, that won’t be able to provide bulletproof jackets to our defence forces, that can’t build houses for poor, that will remove forces from Kashmir, which supports Tukde Tukde Gang, that will run country from the involvement of missionaries, that won’t respect our culture & civilization, that won’t allow us to follow our practices be it Jallikatu or Diwali they will ensure judiciary interferes & eventually we forget our practices, that will never ensure better living for us, that will tax us more, that will make our hand hang in shame due to corruption, that won’t scrap 370, that won’t help in revival of temples at Mathura, Kashi & Ayodhya.

We must Vote Modi because he is non-corrupt, he doesn’t have a son or daughter who is in line to rule us without any qualification, we must vote Modi because even though he is only on water during Navratri for nine days he still works for 18 hours, he travels internationally in the night so that he can utilize time for India, he doesn’t keep even his 95-year-old mother in PM house because he considers Bharat Mata as bigger than his own mother. Modi is the ONLY option for us if we want a better, vibrant & stronger India. Let’s take a pledge to vote for Modi again in 2019.

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Avinash Choubey
Avinash Choubey
Nationalist Indian, Interested in Indian History, Politics & Spirituality
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