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Dissecting Mamata and the Left’s India

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If there’s a regional leader who is fiercely lobbying for power at the centre, it is Mamata Banerjee. She is a singularity among regional leaders in terms of aggression. Unapologetic and dangerous, Mamata Banerjee will leave no stone unturned to make the most out of 2019, she is seeing right through the Congress’s reality, which is that they are at their weakest.

Apart from being extremely communal, Mamata Banerjee is a nemesis of India’s functionality, both social as well as economical. She’s an agent of chaos, and if you ask me that why is that so true? I would say it’s her speech that is symbolically similar to purveyors of anarchy throughout history. It involves mastery over a certain kind of identity politics where you vilify one and flatter the other. In Mamata’s case, we all know which communities the earlier reference points to.

Secular leaders have always been about sectarianism & division of people. But the way Mamata addresses Muslims in her rallies is not simply an appeasement tactic, it is a dangerous game of playing around with faith. Faith is a very, very personal matter for abrahamic religions. She is consciously creating a cult among her loyalists, a cult of fearless and hardened people whose sole purpose is to put her into power. She called upon Allah in one of her rallies, it’s not that she did it is what worries me, it is the conviction and prowess she does it with.

Mamata Banerjee’s Bengal has become an infiltration point for Muslims to enter into India and procure government issued identifications. One can find several reports that support my claim. A solid change in the demographics of WB will also be party to that truth. There were reports that the TMC did not allow candidates to file nominations in the recent WB Panchayat Polls. If that isn’t a threat to democracy, and a brazen attack to suppress political opponents, then I refuse to accept the establishment media’s pushy narrative of the same with the BJP, which mind you, hasn’t suppressed any political candidate using such tactics. Taking notice of the TMC’s dirty politics, the HC ordered a push in the deadline for filing nominations. The gravity of the situation created by Mamata Banerjee in Bengal should scare people, if elected to the centre, Mamata will be akin to Mao.

To be obvious of the growing intimacy between the TMC and the Congress we can look back at the India Today Conclave that took place in Kolkata last November. It was a well articulated pitch demonstrated by the Congress’s showmen to wilfully pledge loyalty for fighting side by side in 2019. It is when the establishment’s media takes an indirect but unanimous oath to support someone politically should the current government be worried. The media has for long been the most powerful tool of the establishment to pursue their hunger for raw power, time and again this has remained undisputed. If you ask why her sycophants do not see that Mamata Banerjee is a sublime example of communality and polarisation? Of course they do, everyone does. But since she’s in their interests, she’s let go from the propaganda. Instead, famous and noted journalists ask her strong & stunning questions about her paintings and how she likes cricket. Mamata Banerjee and her ilk are gambling with everything India holds dear, its love, its peace & the sanctity of its truth. The ruthless attacks on the current government prove that Mamata Banerjee is all in, and so is the entire opposition.

We’re living in an era where the post truth is taken at face value and spoon fed to volatile minds. This unconscious polarisation is a dangerous tool of the Left to perpetuate its agenda with impunity. The war bells have rung, the battle lines have been set, it is now up to Narendra Modi to carry the NDA on his shoulders, and India’s responsibility to carry him on ours. Where the post truth appeals more than fact, the world will inevitably stray away from corrective conviction and on to collective confusion. The political Left is responsible for this, to a greater extent, than the Right. Especially in India, the Left has cooked up a lot of hysteria since 2014.

In the process of doing so, it has berated India and its people, rather than the political Right as such. Attacks on Hindu culture & its people has become a sight so regular that it doesn’t even bother me anymore. It only makes it much more evident that the Left has lost all moral principles, which in fact were already redundant within their ecosystem. I’ve always wondered, have these people contemplated over their disgraceful tactic? If not, then they need to. As deep inside their hearts they are going to drown in their own shame. Attacks on a political party on an ideological basis is acceptable, but attacks on a particular sector of people the ideology focuses on, is sheer timidity. Articles about how Hindu festivals are socially constructed with ulterior motives are funny to read, but provide an insight to understand how punctured the Left actually is in terms of their comprehension of India.

India is a country of 1.34 billion people, each dwelling in their own travesties and turbulence. An overall cool tempered, laid back, and a homely group of people waking to the whistle of tea kettles. We’re constantly in a rush to perfect our goals and determine our worth. A broad ranging ethnic environment floods our daily life with diverse ideas and concepts. An economy indulging millions of lives leads India into a diversified hub for development. Each has India to their own whims, unbound by chains of consideration, working through life. If anyone tells you that this country is going to the dogs because of a certain government, they haven’t breathed the essence of India. People have eyes, but they cannot see, or rather choose to not see. India is a convergence of chaos and chastising beauty. Every scenario in India tells a story, finding the inspiration lies within us.

In an organised frenzy, a billion people end their day with dreams in their hearts and a better tomorrow on their minds. Rubbish anyone who tells you otherwise, because you should be the only witness to your reality.

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