Sonam Gupta found exchanging notes that claimed she was a Bewafa

New Delhi: Sonam Gupta probably the most famous girl in India right now, was today found exchanging notes which claimed she was a Bewafa at the State Bank of India Karol Bagh branch.

We spoke to the cashier who talked to Sonam, “Well until yesterday I had neither met nor heard about anyone with the name of Sonam Gupta and was feeling really disappointed. But all that changed today. In morning there was that usual long line outside SBI which looked like relatives queuing outside a boy’s house on the day of 12th Board results. At about 11:30 a woman in her 30’s came to my counter for exchanging notes. Just reading the name on the note gave me an electric shock, it read Sonam Gupta, I did a double check like I do whenever I am on dope but it still read the same. With shaking hands I took her old Rs 500 notes for exchange. I got a bigger shock than what I and my colleagues had when we learnt Mallya wasn’t going to return the money after seeing that all the Rs 500 notes had ‘Sonam Gupta Bewafa Hai’ scribbled on them. I thought I was going to have a seizure when she looked into my eyes and whispered, I am the Sonam Gupta and these are the last notes which have my name on them. Before I could yell like a madman she winked and made her way out of the bank, I just got tongue tied just like my bosses when some politician asks them to give a huge loan to their friends and family. Though  now after Rs 2000 notes were also found to have the message Sonam Gupta Bewafa hai, I really hope she would be back to exchange those notes the next time some PM launches another demonetization scheme.”

In other news Arvind Kejriwal launched a blistering attack on Sonam Gupta calling her a Modi Supporter after claiming that Sonam Gupta Bewafa Hai trending on Twitter was one of the reasons the people stopped talking about the paid revolutionary trend of Modi taking bribe of 25 crores.

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