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For the love of Ganga, don’t leave cleaning the river to the government

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The sole fact that nature holds supremacy over all constituents of universe, especially human, calls for reverence , and thus if offered any, is reasonable. In India’s context, the deep emotional connection with Ganga is one sure thing that has resonated well through the centuries.

However, proximity with humans, called forth by their reverence, has caused only damage, to the extent that, Ganga is not able to heal itself on it’s own. So a human interference, more vigorous than ever, is necessary to help restore it’s glory.

The previous governments did  acknowledge this need, and had made efforts  to clean Ganga, some were lackluster, some bit more sincere in their approaches, but none of them were close enough to what it requires to help  Ganga really resurrect.

The current government’s efforts with it’s cleverly weaved emotional quotient in it’s initiatives like Namami Gange, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, by any measures, is far more credulous than previous ones, and hence offers more hope.  The picture shown here is a recent one of Assi Ghat of Varanasi, and one can delightedly examine, that  efforts have started showing up some visible results.

Namami Gange is one major government scheme, which the nation can’t afford to fail. Reports from the ground zero suggest that, government’s appeal for social participation towards cleaning Ganga has worked, and people have volunteered for it in big numbers.

However, volunteering with physical/emotional support only is not sufficient, cleansing ourselves away from dogmatic religious beliefs is rather far more necessary. Cremation on the banks of Ganga is one of the prominent reasons which have led Ganga to the stage that entire nation is now faltering to repair.

My appeal to all Hindus is that, don’t let the need of a funeral journey to Varanasi fall upon you, rather embark on an spiritual one while the subject is alive.

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