Republic: How 29 tweets sent a shiver in Lutyens Delhi

Republic hasn’t aired for even one second yet. The Lutyens media is screaming purely out of panic fear.


केजरीवाल की चाय में गिरी बिस्कुट, मोदी को दिया दोष: होगी सीबीआई जाँच

मुद्दा गंभीर हो चला था। झोलावाले पत्रकार भी मामले में कूद पड़े। एक झोलावाले पत्रकार ने यहाँ तक कह दिया कि यदि मोदी जी बिस्कुट लापता होने के मामले में गंभीर हैं तो उन्हें बिस्कुट के साथ फोटो खिंचवाकर ट्विटर पर पोस्ट करना चाहिए।

USA and Russia: The way forward

There is no less chance that Trump may flip-flop from his stand on Russia and his policies would be the result of geo-political and strategic considerations that influence the Russian-US ties.

Are we as bad as Jihadis?

Entertainment industry (Anurag Kashyap, Aamir Khan, Shirish Kunder, etc) is on mission to save Indian secularism and culture, which RSS is otherwise killing, by it’s maligning communal propaganda.

Dangal movie poster

Dangal proves quality cinema is all but lost

In the scenario where the charm of cinema is all lost, it was the budding new talent that started to step up and deliver. The performances of Dangal cast brings back a different feeling that had become a rarity. Relief. Pride.