Bhakts or haters, who will win?

Bhakts and haters show intense feelings and they are emotionally driven and logic or fact driven. They support and oppose any policy by government just because Modi is included in it, not on its merit.

Conversations with a Modi hater

Modi haters are either traditional/ex-Congress supporters (turned AAP supporters) who are embarrassed now to support Congress publicly or folks just genetically wired to secular definitions. But, there is also a big brigade out there, which is just confused and clueless.

ईमानदार की अफीम

ईमानदार आदमी को त्याग मे भी बड़ा संतोष मिलता है, और संतोष पाकर ईमानदार हाइ हो जाता है। संतोष ईमानदार की अफीम है, और वो मोदी जी ने 8 नवंबर से भर भर के बांटी है।

A toast to all my fellow Indians

The recent demonetization has bound us all in a moral endeavour to forge for ourselves a more transparent, fair and equitable system apart from its obvious effects like bringing down the drug trade, trafficking, terrorism, etc.