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Lessons from Sweden

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With the end of World War one the entire Europe learnt that Nationalism is bad when you live in a free world. Multiculturalism and Tolerance has to be the basic principles of any free nation. People in Europe and world understood this and implemented, in most of the newly formed democratic countries.

What happened after seventy years, which is making Europe moving for right wing and Nationalism again? Why is a country like Sweden today feeling the heat? What changed in past decade that made liberal society to change? Let’s take a look at following facts about Sweden.

Since independence Sweden was a liberal country, with strong Christian beliefs. They were nice people with high per capita income and a small population to feed. Crime rate in Sweden was very low compared to Europe. People were happy by a high index in world ranking. It was surely a heaven for every human being. With the rising crises in Middle East and Africa the refugees moved towards Europe and with the liberal values Europe accepted. Sweden accepted most from Somalia, Afghanistan and other war zones. It was on humanitarian grounds. Swedish government arranged shelter and food for these people in an extreme cold country. They slowly made refugees to integrate in small and big cities with the local population.

Story till now was nice, Swedes were happy with new neighbors. Trying hard to make them comfortable and integrate with the Swedish culture. Government of Sweden spent more money on refugee management than defense. Government provided financial benefits to youth as grown as in mid-thirties. Education for children provided at low cost, healthcare was promptly given.

It took no more time to change. Refugees started making ghettos and refused to accept the Swedish culture. They refused to learn the language or adjust by any means. Streets soon became dangerous to even walk in evening. Sexual crime rates spiked by about eight percent. So much was the situation that a police officer in charge of a city had to warn women avoid going out late night. Security forces detected few areas which are difficulty in operations, most of them were the settlements of refugees. Pictures of Jesus Christ had to be covered, not to offend the religious sentiments of new neighbors. This came on peoples freedom of speech now and the NO GO Zones formed inside cities. Drug cases increased, violence spiked and soon people started joining ISIS from Sweden.

For the first time after independence Swedes voted for right wing, securing few seats in parliament. Swedes divided on the basis of immigration policies in Racists and Non racist. Nationalists and Anti nationals. Liberal government started feeling the heat. 2013 riots and 2020 riots added fuel to the fire. This will go on and the nationalist movement will strengthen further.

We talked about the facts on ground, lets understand, what made Swedes change their mind to right wing. However liberal a society may be, when something threatens its culture, they will stand up. Multicultural Sweden felt the heat of rising Islam. Refugees refused to leave the baggage of culture behind, not doing anything to integrate. Ghettos became so dangerous that News channels from Australia and Russia were attacked while reporting. Stones pelted on them and told them to go back and not capture anything on camera. Local people started living in one area and refugees captured another, trying not to contact each other. Military had to be called in few areas for law and order. Free cities of Sweden turned into red areas.

RT of Russia made a documentary on this issue which is worth watching. Same problems started in other European countries in past few years. Germany and France are slowly again moving right after the horrific experience from World war. India is no different, after the 1971 Bangladesh war, India felt the immigration wave and followed by the Assam agitation and Bengal’s capture. Came the rise of Right in India too.

How can this problem be solved is difficult and apolitical. You may offend people if expressed the real reason behind the problems. You may hurt religious sentiments while finding core problems. Speaking might award you with Islamophobe title. What Sweden and Europe did was in good faith but they refused the century old history for a modern world. They forgot that Europe changed, India changed but few countries and few peoples did not. Their beliefs and their practices match today as much as they did hundreds of years ago. We fall for their victim cards and crocodile tears but one chance and these refugees burn your country within seconds. Measures are radical and whether we will accept it is a deep debate.

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