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India’s unruly and pompous neighbours: China & Pakistan

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Vivek Tripathi
Vivek Tripathi is a zonal level debater, pursuing his graduation in Psychology & Political Science. His vast interest in subjective areas includes History, Politics, Literature, Philosophy, Physics, Evolutionary biology, Law, and many others . He can be reached at

Baloch rebels warn Chinese workers to leave the CPEC project asap, else get ready for consequences meanwhile 1 engineer is already killed on project site today by Baloch rebels in an attempt to express a clear message: ‘Balochistan is not Pakistan’.

Whereas Pakistan is willingly giving up land in Balochistan area to China for CPEC which will soon turn out to be China’s strategic location and will be militarized like other zones/ports/access points; fearing suppression of Baloch movement, this warning has been issued so far by Baloch rebels.

Recent developments in the Balochistan & Af-Pak region (Durand line) adds up to the increased pressure on Pakistan’s decade long tactic of using non-state actors with jihad as a weapon to fight for the cause of Pakistan which considers itself as Riasat-E-Madina, safeguarding Islamic terrorists since decades.

China will definitely go to any stretch to crush Balochistan freedom movement in proximity with Pakistan in order to complete it’s CPEC project and get short route access to Central Asia which will also lessen China’s fear of India’s strategic control over Malacca Strait which if choked can asphyxiate China from Indo-Pacific route.

As of today, more than 10 Pakistani soldiers have been captured and killed by Afghanistan force while retaliating to the CFV by Pakistani side whereas more than 30 rangers and FC soldiers were killed by Baloch rebels this week to assert their independence which Pakistan has been suppressing since 1948.

Western border is heated for India as well because of daily CFV by Pakistan and unsuccessful attempts of infiltration. India will play a pivot role in spin-axis of Pashtun, Afghan and Baloch rebel movement against Pakistan which will mark the further fragmentation of Pakistan in many more countries like it happened in 1971.

Xi’s unsuccessful manoeuvre in Himalyan region is a lesson for Pakistan which is not taking seriously. Any attempt by Pakistan to disturb border tranquility will be thwarted with resilience and much greater resistance. After US’ press brief yesterday, a new quad – alliance is on the way to counter the expansionist ideology of Xi’s China.

Even India for the first time under the BJP government openly proclaimed that SCS is global commons and any country cannot by itself using a map of 4 centuries back can claim their individual right over it meanwhile Taiwan is on the adrenaline mode to push back Xi’s over-ambitious Dragon. Other Chinese activities include building military bases and HQs all over the world, militarizing international borders, corrupting dispute redressal mechanism, provoking and sponsoring Civil wars and proxy wars, cyberattacks, suppressing freedom voices in Hong Kong by imposing draconian National security law and disrupting peace and tranquility in other countries through backstage associative-alliance means. Corona crisis has given China the greatest possible access globally through all possible hacks.

Meanwhile entire world is at a halt, China is on a nitro booster mode taking it’s infrastructural advancement and strategic program to the next level. Nepal’s PM KP Oli unapologetically has submitted himself wholeheartedly to the China, giving away/surrendering Humla and Rusuwa district of Nepal to the Chinese trap of capturing territories by calling it disputed land and a part of early Chinese Qing dynasty.

This is an imitation of Hitler’s fascist ideology which Xi is now venturing into after coming into power in 2013. Surely, Xi is misleading himself and is living in a dream fantasy world (Mungeri Lal ke haseen sapne) where he thinks he will be able to become global dictator by extending his version of ‘great leap forward’ motto and making 21st century as Chinese century.

On the same track is Pakistan which under the garb of China thinks it will be able to bring India over the table in regards to the Kashmir issue. Both neighbouring countries, however, underestimate the power of New ‘Atmanirbhar’ Bharat, least do they know about India’s new global strategy and lest about the increased and flexible muscle power which at any given instance can fight a 2 front war and give a knee jerk to the unruly and pompous neighbors.

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Vivek Tripathi
Vivek Tripathi is a zonal level debater, pursuing his graduation in Psychology & Political Science. His vast interest in subjective areas includes History, Politics, Literature, Philosophy, Physics, Evolutionary biology, Law, and many others . He can be reached at

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