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The saffron fire – 1

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Being born Hindu, I have always been curious about the concept underlying Indra, Vishnu, Mahesh – “Creation, Propagation, Destruction” (CPD) It was only after loafing around Pro-BJP and Vedanta forums I realised that CPD was a much more advanced way to look at time than the cruder: “Past, Present And Future. (PPF)”. PPF is so cold, it almost describes the passage of time as one long continuous chemical reaction. And it isn’t wrong. The universe IS a prolonged chemical reaction, PPF is very functional that way, for setting appointments and measuring algorithms. But if we wish to think about time, beyond the material plane, if you want to step into the mental plane, you have to think about it from the perspective of Create, Propagate and Destroy. (I am not an authority on this so I will stop here. Go scour Hindu forums and find a teacher. You may have to fight a firang for one. I’m a faux Hindu at best, I know zilch. I am wrong.)

Even Vivek Agnihotri (among many others) speak about this in simpler terms. ‘You cannot Become someone else Until you destroy the someone you Were’. And to that I may add: When you manage to become something with the blessings of Indra, and you are not careful about Vishnu, the preservation part, Shiva WILL show up to your party early, get shit stoned, do his Tandav, and burn down your mandap. (Bring your own gods/devils).

Great organisations and great nations do not suffer an ill fate from an external adversary. – They rot from within. The ghost of Veer Savarkar would say. ~ ‘Great Leaders in Congress Party like Sardar Patel, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Narasimha Rao, were giants compared to Modi.’ Men who rose to such heights in an age with very-little electronic media. They literally floated on the power of their Ideas and pulled the nation along. Yet you needed Modi to finally pay homage to them. (Shame on you, Shame on me) The rot that grows within Congress is one of Nepotism. An ancient evil, that swallowed entire empires. Good Congress members and few (rare true liberal) supporters need to destroy themselves before they can be reborn. They have to burn in the Saffron fire that lights these lands and burn in the hearts that Beat, on these lands. THEY HAVE TO SURVIVE THAT FIRE. They need to melt and loose all form. They need to be re-cast. They need to be reforged. Only then may they become a sword that can protect these lands from humanity’s perennial enemy, which my friends, I believe is and always was GREED: The mother of all evils.

Even the BJP was born from the fires lit by Indira (Indra?), Sanjay and Rajiv Gandhi. They were forged from the fires of the Emergency: The most brutal Fascism India has ever seen. But still a much smaller fire, than the century long BLAZE OF INDIAN INDEPENDENCE. A blaze that mothered many children. But not all children could survive the forced sterilisations by Indira Gandhi, the Iron lady with the Iron calipers who was from behind the Iron Curtain. But if you think about that, the RSS actually did survive. And It has survived by keeping an ear to the ‘fertile’ ground. And it will keep surviving because is has become the ground, it has become the land, it is the blade of grass that sways in the wind. It is that Saffron flag that adorns the sky. It is a sterile mother that does not know Nepotism. The dragon may burn her field. But she will sow again.

Anyway. Who is going to rule from the new Parliament building tomorrow, who is going to rule our mind tomorrow, who is going to rule our hearts tomorrow, we don’t know. (If you say you rule yourself, good for you.L-fucking-O-L) In the larger scheme of things change is the only constant. Be OPEN. Anyway Doston, as my demons tire, I retire. Until next time, from me and from many like me … Jai.Shree.Ram.

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