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Redefining health in the pandemic

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Ever wondered how are migrant laborers battling the elements as they trudge to their home-states? While people at the forefront of crisis management will pat their backs by spinning tales around their efforts to safely ‘home-deliver’ these wayfarers, the secret behind this feat is the indomitable spirit that acts as a silver bullet for these destined destitutes.

However, spirit alone, cannot do the heavy-lifting when imperatives need to be attended. Let us not forget that these valiant souls are also able-bodied individuals who have grown up in hostile circumstances. What could seem as the end of the world for someone who has just pulled an all-nighter, doesn’t deter the ‘forever victims of hardship’ from giving a fresh start to the day without a furrow on their foreheads.

The fact that medical science has been coming up with solutions  to a number of grievous health complications implies that health has always  been defined as mere absence of illness. What, then, explains the COVID deaths of patients without comorbidities? If medical researchers and public health specialists are to be believed, recording deaths in the ‘comorbidity category’ is a syntactic trick to signal the efficacy of ministry in controlling the outbreak.

Indeed, this is an opportune time for officialdom to hoodwink people into believing that if it doesn’t glitter, it is definitely not gold. Unfortunately, truth does not come in shades of grey. On one hand, where the courage demonstrated by footloose army of migrant workers in undertaking a journey laced with obstacles will serve as an enduring testament to the strength and resilience of human spirit, one cannot ignore the soundness of physical health that is at the heart of overall well-being.

Paradoxically, those who can afford three wholesome meals a day fall sick more often than those who cannot. The fact that scores of individuals are successfully traversing sun-scorched lanes almost empty-stomach for days together, shows that one meal a day is enough to sustain your body. In fact, if you are eating more, you are loading your digestive system and cutting your life-span. 

To draw the curtain on this discussion, let us start relying on bitter truth instead of sugar-coated reality presented through a travesty of statistics.

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