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Ayan invasion theory- A myth

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There have been many divisive politics played in our country, and out of those tools which were in action by the “left” Aryan invasion theory has its own significant place. 

What does it state?

People from the steppe part had come to India around 1500 BC. They brought along culture, horses, chariots, books, languages, invaded us and transformed the lives of then existing nomads. Aryan invasion theory exhibits to you that they are not bourgeoisie, but pastoralists and gave us everything that we know about language, Vedas and culture. 

This caused division between Indians for political and economic interests predominantly by the west. Well it makes sense when the west cries saying, “the AIT (Aryan invasion theory) isn’t a myth and India is enjoying the culture given by their ancestors.” What’s shocking to me is that a certain section of India holds up to the AIT and consistently tries to prove it right despite many genetic/ archeological/ historical evidences. Now who is that section that I am referring to? The “left” of India.

The “left” of India repeatedly tries to make you believe that Indians are immigrants from other countries and didn’t have any indigenous culture, race, language, history, belief system etc, despite being proven that the AIT is a myth. Well, I ran into few facts, which any average person can understand and prove that the AIT is a myth, but the “left” media tries to influence you with their creative presentation of the AIT and capitalise your ignorance. 

1. 5 years ago, the scientists found skeletons which were 4300 years old in Rakhigari, considered as a cradle for Indian civilisation/ Indus valley civilisation. Official tests conducted on the skeleton proved that there were no traces of the “aryan genes” or the “R1 A1” which is the central Asian steppe gene. 


2. The research which had come out explicitly explains to us that the timeline when compared to the claimed timeline of the Aryan invasion, the genetic results were only because of the movement of people and not the invasion itself. Just like how Indian genes are also found in the west and central Asia, it doesn’t mean that there was an invasion that took place. It was purely a movement. 

3. During the enlightenment era, when scholars like Voltaire, Emmanuel Kant emancipated from Christianity, they have blatantly mentioned that this language has roots from Indian language which is Sanskrit. This again defies the AIT. 

4. The “out of India theory”, which many of the European scholars believed was way before the “Aryan invasion theory”.


5. The discontinuity in culture which the believers of the AIT claim and try to capitalise by giving one or two examples and generalise the entire theory has been proven fake when it comes to “Baluchistan” and “Sarasvati valley”. The depletion in the population of  Baluchistan was proven to be because of the decline in the rainfall. It had become arid that there was no scope for the crops to grow. And the cities along the “Sarasvati valley” and it’s population moved around 1900 BC because of the vanishing of the Saraswathi river. Rest, in all other parts of India, there still are practices of Indus Valley civilisation. 
Now the “aryan invasion theory” was a significant reason for the self-respect movement by the “left” Periyar, which lead to devastating consequences and I urge you to go through them. 

Currently, despite these blatant facts, the “left” doesn’t surprise us with their hypocrisy. 

1. Dr. Ambedkar was on record rejecting the AIT but the “left” who claim to be the custodians of constitution and use his name for every petty protest choose to selectively and conveniently ignore him when it comes to Aryan invasion theory. 

2. One of the reasons why they keep using it despite it being proven a myth is to achieve their social/political gains against HINDUS, more importantly BRAHMINS.

3. Professors Frawley in his interaction with JNU students about AIT 20 years ago, cited that the “left” agreed to everything he stated as to how AIT is a myth but still chose to hold it up. When asked why, they mentioned that this information of AIT being a myth gives a political advantage to “right wing” and which is why they chose to still believe and act on it despite knowing that it’s a MYTH. 

I therefore request you all to go through this , one of the classiest theories, which could be used to understand the hypocrisy of the “left”.

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