Tuesday, June 22, 2021
Home Reports ABVP and RSS volunteers conduct door-to-door screening of residents in Mumbai

ABVP and RSS volunteers conduct door-to-door screening of residents in Mumbai

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Nehru Nagar, near Mithibai College in Vile Parle: Volunteers of ABVP and RSS began door to door screening in slum pockets of Nehru Nagar in Mumbai, equipped with PPE sets and directed by doctors on board, and screened over 500 people in total in the last three days. From the 500 people screened, 4 were suspected of contracting the virus, out of which 2 were prescribed home quarantine while the others were referred to a BMC hospital. The volunteers were divided into batches of 7 people with shifts of 3 days each, followed by home quarantine for 5 days after their shift is completed. 

Suraj Lokare, Organising Secretary of ABVP South Mumbai and student of Sydenham College, gave a statement, “These 3 days of volunteering brings you in the shoes of BMC and police personnel, and helps you to understand the difficulties faced by them in slum pockets where the virus has spread rapidly. The response from local residents have been very encouraging and are welcome to such initiatives, who at many times offered us refreshments during the shifts. Doing such forms of social service is a part of ABVP’s initiative ‘Seva for Society’, and has always been undertaken by RSS and ABVP workers alike.”

The initiative is slated to end after the entire locality of 40,000 residents are tested for SARS-Cov-2.

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