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From YOGA to Namaste, global acceptance of Hinduism- Jai Modi

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The corona virus has not only shaken the entire medical fraternity across the globe but also has re-iterated the importance of certain cultural and heritage elements of human civilization of India called Hinduism and its importance to keep the world healthy and happy.

Soon after Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister of India in 2014, he not only worked hard for millions of Indians but also for the world community. Modi always believes in ‘Vasudhaiva kudmbakam’ (world is one family), one of the cardinal principles of Hinduism. That is why Modi is considered as leader of humanity and father of sab ka vikas politics in the world.

Modi always wish the world also should remain healthy, happy and prosperous and therefore he promoted YOGA for humanity at large. YOGA is the ‘SPIRITUAL INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY of Indian Hindu sages to humanity.

Modi after enormous and sustained efforts got the acceptance from the UN for YOGA. Today YOGA is practiced by millions and millions of Indians and as well the people who are living in various countries; following different religious practices, culture and food habits. 

Although YOGA is the gift of Hindu sages to humanity, Modi never kept YOGA as the sole property of Hindus or of India but realized that practicing YOGA would help the humanity to balance the mind and body equation and certainly YOGA would help humanity to travel towards peace, humility and eternal happiness.

The secularism and religious diversity that exists today in India is only because of the fact that India is a Hindu Rashtra. Hinduism is a sacred cultural tradition of India and every Indian irrespective of their religious faith and practice has Hinduism in their gene. In an absolute sense, every Indian follows Hinduism in some way or other, at least in spirit.

Hinduism and Hindus are similar but not the same. Hinduism is the identity of India and Hindus largely follow Hinduism in an identifiable manner whereas other religions in India follow Hinduism in an esoteric manner which either they may refuse or may not have realized. From microbes to invertebrates to plant kingdom to animal kingdom to even all inanimate objects in India, whether they are organic or inorganic; the wind, the rain, the sea, the climate, why even the space around India sub-continent is filled with Hinduism and its spirit. 

Namaste is a wonderful non-body contact method of greeting each other proposed and practiced by Hindus. Today the Corona virus epidemic has reinforced the importance of Namaste than shake-hand culture. Several global leaders are now promoting Namaste than shake-hand culture even in high level two country meetings.

Now the world community must realize the truth that the humanity can survive, prosper and live peacefully only by following Hinduism. Hinduism should be treated as the most essential practice to be followed by every human being at individual level and the countries collectively.

We should not reduce Hinduism to India or only to Hindus.

Hinduism is for the universe, for humanity and Hinduism is the sublime bridge that connects humanity to higher state of living and being level, may be connecting man with God. Modi’s mission is therefore to save global community by promoting Hinduism and its essential; such an attempt should not be seen as communal or majoritarian politics.

It is not India; the entire humanity in the world may perish if the cardinal principles of Hinduism are not protected. Unfortunately Corona virus has to intimidate the global leaders to depart from shake hand custom to Nameste custom of Hinduism.

Indians should pledge their unconditional support to Modi and Amit Shah to make India a great country, the country that is going to shape and design the destiny of the world. Modi is the leader of humanity and father of sab ka vikas mission. Therefore Indians should ward off all those pests in Indian politics, who are corrupt, promote dynastic politics, nepotism, sycophancy and divisiveness.

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