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Congress party of the dynast – ‘living fossil’ of corruption and divisive politics

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The state of affairs in congress party is quite sickening. Congress party has today reduced to a level where the mother is so determined and over ambitious to make her dynast son as heir to the throne and no one else. Unfortunately many unwinnable, post retired leaders in the congress party wants only the family to led the party because all those ‘indoor plant species’ or aquarium fishes never wants fresh blood taking over the reins in the party because talent, merit and vision of the leader of the party may go against their personal ambition which is nothing but be powerful and relevant in the party and if not make sone or daughter very important and prominent in the party.

P Chidambaram, Gulam Nabi Asad, Salman Khurshid, Jayaram Ramesh, Ahmed Patel, Motilal Vora etc., cannot see anyone other than the family or its members alone heading the congress.

In congress party, people over the years have developed certain culture which is very hard to remove. Therefore even if India rejects the congress party fully, its leaders never going to reject the family or dynasty culture.

The key characteristics displayed by most congress people are either competitive sycophancy, flattery of the family or slavery to the family or wants the idiotic, ignorant, stupid dynasty culture continue and only then the so called ‘intelligent people’ (sycophants) will have great importance and significance in the party.

Ironically the people who cannot win even Panchayat election are the one who are calling the shots in congress party. The aspiring young leaders of the party must realize that the –re-installation of the same old, worn out engine called the great DYNAST RAGHUL GANDHI would only further destroy the party and undermine their political aspiration. Like how birds migrate to various geographical regions from their resident habitat during adverse climate, the best example being crane, congress people also must migrate to either other political parties or must start own political force like how Sharad Pawar had started NCP in Maharashtra.

The unwinnable, post retired political leaders in the congress party may be settling their revenge against the congress party by supporting the family so blindly and are passing their post-retirement time and beyond that they are doing nothing worthwhile to the party.

Another weird culture of the congress party is that even if the party has failed miserably in series of elections, still the party has been elevating and promoting the dynast Raghul Gandhi. But the most affectionate mother of the dynast- Sonia Gandhi is asking Amit Shah to resign for the looks like politically provoked violence in North East Delhi. Fortunately no reputed media houses has taken the demand of Sonia Gandhi seriously or brought in the centre stage. None of the front face leaders of congress party also seems to have re-iterated the bizarre demand of Sonia Gandhi. All the above tactical neglect of Sonia Gandhi by several prominent congress leaders suggests the possibility that the family has lost its grip in the party.

Many countries have freed itself from slavery and also many countries are moving towards democracy from autocracy or king’s rule. Even when the world is changing, congress party wants nothing but dynastic culture to continue. Only way India can be saved is by totally eliminating the congress party politically and people must render unconditional support to Modi and Amit Shah to save India from tukde tukde gangs and Delhi Lutyens who wants to destroy India.

Indians must re-invent the cultural and traditional umbilical cord of our nation that is Hinduism and we must connect back to our tradition and cultural identity and only then we can prosper and develop.

Modi is uniting India but many regional parties are dividing India for their political gain.

Defeat of BJP, Modi or Amit Shah is defeat of entire India and its future. Therefore Indians must pledge their unconditional support to Modi to achieve development, sab ka vikas, corruption free governance and unity of Indians by integrating with Hinduism, our cultural identity.

Jai Hind.

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