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Fractured mandate the gift of democracy but dangerous to growth and stability

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The election outcome in Maharashtra is the best example for how democracy too can pose instability and imbalance to the agenda of one India, development, sab ka vikas of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Both Shiv Sena and BJP fought the election together but neither of them got full mandate and hence must run the government together. Now Sena is making several unreasonable demands to offer its support. People of Maharashtra must realize the fact that if they have given full mandate to BJP the state will not have suffered such an impasse due to Shiv Sena. The importance of a stable government and decisive leader is essential for the growth and development of any country. Any fractured mandate shall be reined by vested interests and party politics and not good governance.

Modi got full mandate of people both in 2014 and again in 2019. Look at the amazing growth and transformation of India. Modi has taken the glory and dignity of India at the global level.

Scam and corruption image of India under UPA 1 and 2 where UPA was in alliance with DMK and others, faced the biggest scam like 2G, none of us can easily forget. 

But when people of India gave full majority to BJP under Modi, things changed dramatically and now every Indian is experiencing a positive change in their life. People of every state must realize the fact that full mandate they must give to the political party that is honest and dedicated to the welfare of the state. BJP under Modi and Amit Shah is the best example for honest governance and sab ka vikas.

In Tamil Nadu, Amma did lots of good to people and hence she got elected for the second time in the history. After her demise, EPS followed her foot steps in letter and spirit and hence he too enjoys the overwhelming support of people in Tamil Nadu. Therefore DMK could not anything to destabilise the government and came to power through backdoor.

Maharashtra was going great under Fadnavis government. But in the recent election, due to combinations of factors, some level of confusion had occurred among people and as a result, the verdict becomes fractured. However majority of people wants BJP under Fadnavis to continue as reflect by the number of seats secured by BJP which is way ahead of all other parties such as Siva sena, NCP and congress. Just to gain more power to bargain after election, the role of Shiv Sena having played spoil-sport against its own alliance partner BJP during election cannot be ruled out.

If it were true, Shiv Sena fought election for power and bargain but on the contrary BJP fought with certain agenda and proposals to make the state great. BJP went to the people with its report card and appealed them to vote for the alliance but it looks like Shiv Sena had played a bit to the tunes of NCP-Congress than for the victory of the alliance.

The point of debate is not about blaming Shiv Sena but to educate the people about the danger of fractured mandate and how such fractured mandate can cause instability, install indecisive government and breed corruption and bargain.

By looking at the sad state of affairs in Maharashtra caused by Shiv Sena, people of Jharkand and Delhi must make up their mind and must take a resolution that they would vote only for BJP and Modi in large numbers so that there shall be a stable and decisive government in the state led by BJP where the performance of the state is guided and corrected directly by Modi and Amit Shah.

People must realize that for one India where all Indians live with same pride and dignity under one great ethos and national identity called Hindutwa, everyone equally participate in building new India and are equally rewarded, India needs Modi and BJP and not the corrupt dynastic politics or coalition government.

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