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Why India needs more focus on North East than Kashmir

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Delhi based Law Student, Writes on Geopolitics, History and Strategic Affairs.

Strategically India is a failed state if we look at North-East. Indian Governments completely ignored our beautiful North-East and given much more importance to Kashmir.

No doubt Kashmir is very important for us strategically but our governments completely ignored North-Eastern states. They always focused much more on Kashmir than North Eastern States.

If our governments were investing those money in North Eastern states than Kashmir then today North-East would become Economical hub of India.


North East have talent, beauty, skills and dedication, while other hand Kashmiris have Wahhbism, Separtism, Terrorism and most worst thing is Anti-Indian sentiments.

There have also few separatist elements in North East too, but that is because of ignorance policy of Indian Governments. We need to focus much more on North East than Kashmir.

India must develop special economic zones in North Eastern states like Noida-Gurugram. We can also increase tourism in North East. Our tourism policy is much more focused on Himachal-Uttarakhand so we need to work on this with North Eastern states.


North Eastern people are good in English & social values than mostly Indians. Cities of North-Eastern states are not so developed like Chandigarh, Delhi and Mumbai but they are quite good in cleanliness and traffic rules.

In BPO, IT sector and Handicrafts, North-Eastern people can do great work. They are also able for creating jobs in many sectors if they would be given opportunity.

As we are watching, China is also increasing investment day by day in Tibet and in those areas whose borders meet with us. North Eastern people are happy with Narendra Modi government because he is giving much more importance to North-East as no one government had given in past.


For countering China and Separtists, It is the best time for increasing investment and development projects in North-East. They would be great asset for India after these type steps.

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Delhi based Law Student, Writes on Geopolitics, History and Strategic Affairs.

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