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UAPA bill- Modi calmed, Shah tamed congress and tukde tukde gangs in Parliament and Rajya Sabha

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The UAPA (Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Amendment Bill is passed in both houses and has become a law finally. The congress party of the dynast and the other tukde tukde gangs in both parliament and Rajya Sabha tried their best to prevent the bill by asking the government to refer the bill to select committee for further scrutiny. But BJP and PM Modi stood firm to protect India from terrorist and therefore the Home Minister was adamant that the government would fight terrorism without seeing any political sides to it. Congress party of the dynast had little option than support the bill.

After the second successive poll defeat in 2019 under the great leadership of the dynast, congress party has learned the lessons a bit that it cannot disrupt and destabilize the businesses in the parliament and Rajya Sabha anymore as people of India are watching every activity in Parliament and Rajya Sabha carefully.

PM Modi with his second historic victory in 2019 has calmed all those who promote dynastic politics in India, the lobby, khan market gang, sycophant club of the dynast etc., that they have no role in Indian politics when the governance is centred on development, honesty, sab ka vikas and national security. Subsequently Amit Shah became the Home Minister.

When Amit Sahh entered the parliament debate as Home Minister, he has started to tame all the opposition leaders by countering and replying to each of their questions and concerns with facts and how they have brought India to the present state of affairs. Entire India got thrilled at the way Amit Shah conducted the debate and exposed the hypocrites in the opposition gang. The entire opposition bandwagon went weapon less and defenceless and surrendered meekly exposing their armour-less chest and finally had to support the efforts of the government as they were all meant to save India and develop it further.

We have studied about Hamlet from Shakespeare where he was puzzled with ‘to do’ or ‘not to do’. In Indian politics too, especially in Parliament and in Rajya Sabha, the debate and presentation of facts by Amit Shah had exposed all those Hamlets in the opposition ranks. Instead of opposing the bill and voting against it, some made a walkout indirectly allowing the passage of the bill to take place, especially the triple talaq bill.

Many opposition parties like SP, BSP, DMK etc., pushed the congress to a corner to take a stand and oppose triple talaq bill and UAPA bill or else join the opposition and make a walkout.

It is quite customary that the biggest block in the opposition would dictate the narrative and other smaller parties would join the block. From that perspective, Congress is supposed to have led the opposition group but the smaller parties quite contrary to that, pushed the congress party either join them or expose itself to the world.

BJP had caged the congress party, but the regional parties had tied the congress even inside the cage because they fear that the congress party should not escape if the cage were opened accidentally.

Time is not too late for the congress party to reform itself. Congress party must work hard to eliminate all regional parties from Indian politics and must infuse the ethos of one India, one election, one tax, one sacred culture called Hinduism to unite diversity. As long as congress party support and travel over the back of the regional parties, it cannot grow.

Congress must support the reduction of representation of regional parties in Parliament to 10% of the total strength and all other seats can be contested only by the national parties. Unless the wings of regional parties are clipped closely India cannot be saved. Congress must realize the truth that only by eliminating the regional parties, congress can grow. Congress party must demand its share in government from now on if DMK ever come to power in future.

To re-kindle the real social justice agenda of DMK congress party must propose the name of Tirumavalan of VCK as chief minister candidate as he belongs to backward community. If DMK is true to the spirit of social justice, then DMK must welcome such proposal than aspiring to make Stalin and then his son as chief minister of Tamil Nadu.

The second term of PM Modi has inspired and excited Indians through tireless work to reform India and transform the life of millions. The opposition parties and especially the congress party is left with no other option but support PM Modi and Shah and applaud to the world that Narendra Modi will never go wrong.

People should support PM Modi unconditionally to make India a great land where corruption, dynastic politics, nepotism etc., does not have any space.

S Ranganathan

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