The secret payload on Chandrayaan 2

3, 2, 1, 0, Lift-off!
And the majestic Chadrayaan 2 took-off.

The team heaved a sigh of relief. Anubhuti stood in a corner, smiling. Her task was done. The mission accomplished.

Unknown to the rest of the world, the Rover had a top-secret payload embedded within its core, only to be released on the lunar surface, from where it would be set-off to its final destination.

Those in the knowing of this mission were Earth-loving, genuinely humane people – warriors of truth love karm and light. Anubhuti was one of them. She was relieved, and closed her eyes with humility, murmuring a silent prayer of gratitude. Her mentor, the venerable seer-scientist M.OM, had bestowed upon her the ancient technique of dhyan that could merge the truth of the Vedas and facts of science to create a powerful tool, which could compress even the most stubborn, fierce, egoistic and powerful ‘people-essence’ into bhaav energy. Bhaavs were vapourised feels capable of travelling and manifesting even in deep space.

The Universe was created through bhaav as stated in the Bhagwadgita, and the same technique was being used today to accomplish the seemingly impossible.

The payload was unique. It was small, perhaps the size of an eye of a needle, yet it could contain large egos, inflated arrogance and a lot of evil.

It was dark. Very dark.

Its abject denseness contained the essence of all that was hindering the growth of humanity. Negativity had been sucked up and placed into it.

It contained the following –
1. Buddhujeevis – These were the new breed of intellectuals that roamed the Earth. Some of them were also known as ‘pseudo-liberals.’ They assumed themselves to be high in intellect, however, their sensitivity and conscience – the two elements, that created ‘samvedna’ or empathy, were missing. Hence, they always ended up using their gifted intelligence to support the wrong causes. Recently, 49 of them had ganged up to write a letter on selective outrage, that actually outraged the seer-scientists enough for them to take a call to have them bottled up for ever.

2. Nonetaji’s – Popularly known as politicians, these were public representatives who were currently the most mis-trusted of all humans. Their sense of self-appropriation, and self-worth was enormous and Anubhuti and her team had a tough time containing them. Only the chant of ‘Jai Shree Ram,’ could neutralise them.

Nonetas had forgotten that their true purpose was to serve the masses who elected them, and that ‘public-servant’ did not mean that the public was their servant! Having met a few of them personally, Anubhuti had been shocked to hear their tales of greed, lust and arrogance. A few from the erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir thought it to be prudent to offer themselves for transportation to another world, since the current political dispensation at New Delhi, had ensured that their separatist politics came to an end. They were jobless and totally useless on Earth now. They simply had to go! The world was better off without them.

3. Mor-hammered Mulas, Converter Beeshopps, Sowhammy Beyond-anandas etc. – Ah! The brokers of religion. These were the ones who created a false narrative — that the only way to connect to the Supreme energies, which had created the universe and all of humanity, was through them. Their fear-mongering and hatred for others had caused huge rifts on Earth and she was in pain. To heal her, humanity had to reconnect directly with Nature and follow her laws. It was paradoxical that those who claimed to know the way were the most mis-guided! Fearful ‘Peacefuls’ topped the list. Hypocrisy was their dharma, and true dharma – righteousness, has no place for hypocrisy.

4. Then came Anubhuti’s personal favourites, those suffering from a grave disease of Lutyenitis. Since no cure was available for this insufferable ailment, transporting them out of the Earth’s aura was the only solution. Future generations had to be protected from this terrible curse that created humongous self-obsessed egos, a complete failure to connect with truth and ones’ inner self. Negating everything that did not suit their mind-set, the conscience of those inflicted by this disease was dead and they were perpetually living in a world that seemed to be a creation of their thoughts. Many Buddhujeevi’s, Liberals and Nonetas suffered from this disease too.

Historically, Lutyenitis seemed to have originated in the city of Hastinapur, when it’s masters, the Kaurvas, refused to share even a piece of land as small as the eye of the needle that was transporting them today. They even used a person of Bheeshma pitmah’s stature, twisting his pledge to their advantage. Their sense of entitlement was comparable only to that of a famous political party of today, which has no president and is rightly called the ‘Kaun-guess.’

So, carrying this rather potent payload, the Rover was to land at the south pole, on the dark side of the moon.

For eons, the moon has had a role to play in nurturing humanity. Through its cycles it not only affects human nature, but also provides rasa or flavor to all plants, fruit, healing herbs and is the cause for creativity on Earth. Since the payload was carrying those who had mis-used their lunar energies, they were perfectly suited for the lunar shade.

From here, a time-capsule would plummet them towards a black hole. Nothing ever escapes its dense blackness, not even light. Only the seers know its secrets. Perhaps in time, these imperfect ones would be re-cycled for growth and transformation. Nature knows best, after all she is everyone’s MOM, ‘amma.’


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