Tamilnadu media’s hate propaganda against NEET while they kept quiet for other suicides

The more mankind travels towards the material gains by not valuing the universal values, the more mankind puts itself in trouble. It is said that Media is the fourth pillar of democracy and it has the responsibility of taking the absolute Truth to the people in the Nation. We see the media industry today has traveled too far from valuing the values. Those are the gone days when friends share some memes in WhatsApp and ask us, “hey, is this information true?”. Today comes the situation, where friends share some news content and ask, “hey, is this news true?”. Thanks to the TRP hunger Media!

Today, there are news portals that boldly calls out the Fake news & Hate news backed by the agenda based Journalism. As there is development in fighting the fake news of national media, still the regional media seem to be highly disconnected from taking the absolute truth to the people, especially in a state like Tamilnadu.

The agenda based Journalism in Tamilnadu has injected serious hate in the young minds of the state which the rest of the nation often fails to hear. Half a decade hate propaganda by the leftist & the Dravidian ideologist backed media has influenced the young minds that have made them resist to any kind of developments that are supposed to happen in the state.

Not so long ago, Tamilnadu youth was very much vocal about the change in the educational system. But today, there is a drastic change in the mindset of the majority of youngsters which makes them hate the name NEET.

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (UG) is a new qualifying cum entrance examination notified under the ‘Regulations on Graduate Medical Education 1997 and BDS Course Regulations, 2007’ by the Medical Council of India as published in the Gazette of India Extraordinary dated 21st December, 2010 and 15st February, 2012 and the Dental Council of India as published in the Gazette of India Extraordinary dated 31st May, 2012. NEET has been introduced by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) Govt, of India and Medical Council of India (MCI).

The Tamilnadu media, with its hate propaganda, made the youth of the state to firmly believe that NEET kills. It is of course, not a healthy situation for a state when the students commit suicide after seeing their exam results. Generally, the news of students committing suicide, will not be more aggressively covered by media. The reason behind it is the progressive thought, that the news should not influence other students’ mind to trigger the thought of suicide. One has to appreciate the Tamilnadu media in this case, except for that of NEET. The hate propaganda against NEET is being continued in the state for more than 2 years now.

During the last week of May 2019, in a span of two days, two college students from S.R.M University in Kattankulathur jumped to death from the college hostel buildings. The Maraimalai Nagar police has registered cases and the investigation is going on. The reason behind the suicides seems to be unknown even after a week. Tamilnadu mainstream media maintained absolute silence over these suicides as the Chairman of the university is the son of a DMK MP.

The only TV news channel that carried the SRM suicide case is Polimer News. This is not the first time, that the Tamil media ecosystem is silent over students’ suicide cases.

Last month, when twelfth-grade state board exams results were announced, Kavya, aged 17, from Cuddalore committed suicide for scoring low marks (240/600) though she passed in all subjects. Naveen, aged 18, who studied in a private school in Chennai, committed suicide for scoring fewer marks (298/600) in the examination. Tamil news channels did not mind about all these suicides.

Another incident is the awful end of a poor girl student which Tamilnadu mainstream media did not let the people know. This happened last year during the twelfth grade board exams. Tamilarasi, aged 17, studied in a Government school in Krishnagiri district. While appearing for her public exams, her co-students tore her hall ticket & ragged her. Finally, she had to commit suicide.

Both for the SRM university suicides and for the Board exam suicides, Tamil news channels were maintaining absolute silence. But when it came to NEET, the attitude towards the news became the other way around. Tamilnadu media started calling the NEET suicides as the murders by Central Government. The pathological hate which the leftist and Dravidianist ideologists have towards Modi government is to be seen as the reason behind the media outrage against NEET.

Few examples of how Tamilnadu media has outraged exclusively against NEET, otherwise they kept quiet on other suicides.

But the Tamilnadu media failed to carry the actual results of NEET. The truth is that the performance of Tamilnadu students in NEET exam improved this year. In the NEET result released, 48.57% of students who appeared for the exam in Tamilnadu qualified. This is almost 9% higher than last year when only 39.56% had qualified. In total, 59,785 students qualified in the NEET exam from Tamilnadu this year. Shruthi K, an OBC category student, is the state topper from Tamilnadu. With 685 marks out of 720, she has secured 57th All India Rank.

While most of the Tamilnadu media expressed its biases deliberately, Polimer News which provides news as just news without any hate propaganda has won the hearts of Tamil people. The news channel that does not conduct any heated political debates has never shown any kind of biases in its news. No wonder why Polimer News is in the top place for the past few years, despite being the entire media industry in Tamilnadu is occupied by few business giants.

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