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Social Media marketing and website traffic: How they are related

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Businesses are emerging with each passing day and it is obvious that everyone wants to gain success irrespective of the huge competition that they are constantly facing. If you have also just started your business or it has been years since you are handling your business, you should definitely make use of social media marketing. If you are asking why the answer is that marketing on social media can effectively help in increasing website traffic. This is not theoretical; however, if it is used in an ideal manner, it can be the best source of website traffic. Also, marketing on social media can be extremely helpful in establishing you to gain success. According to research, there are 3.3 million people, actively using social media.

When you are thinking of making use of social media for gaining more traffic, it is crucial that you educate yourself about certain important techniques. It is also important that you work hard as well as consistently by making use of the perfect approaches and the ideal tools. When you are running any social media campaign and your primary intention is gaining traffic, it is important that you follow the ways that have been listed below in order to ensure that you are successful.

Add the URL of your website on the profiles

You might have accounts in almost every social networking platform. It is crucial that you have your website link on each and every social media account. This can sound obvious; however, in most of the cases even reputed businesses forget to add their website link. Adding your website link is ideal for the purposes of search engine optimization and it also helps in driving organic traffic to your business website.

Ensure that you are using hashtags effectively

Hashtags are capable of generating exposure for each and every social media post. Hashtags are currently being used by almost everyone in order to look for a certain genre of the post. It is also going to help you to come in contact with potential customers who are looking forward to purchasing the kinds of services and products that your business is offering. Whenever you are adding hashtags, you need to ensure that they are relevant and should belong to the niche that you are operating in.


Make use of social media advertising

The total number of pages on social media along with the number of users is constantly increasing almost regularly. This is definitely good but you also need to know that there will be more potential customers, who are going to view your posts. This makes it extremely difficult to push the posts in front of those people who are really interested in your business. Active social media users are responsible for following numerous pages as well as hundreds of business accounts, but you need to know that their newsfeed is going to show only certain posts.

It can be extremely challenging to gain organic visibility. One of the most popular social networking platforms, Facebook, has changed its algorithm time and again. Therefore, if you are using Facebook and you want your followers or fans to come across your post, you need to actively make use of Facebook advertising. It is true that this can be costly but you can be assured that the cost is worth everything. This is the best possible way of targeting the ideal audience as well as gaining organic results. This is also applicable to both LinkedIn and Twitter. You can use LinkedIn advertisements or promoted tweets in order to connect with the followers. You can visit


Ensure that your users can share the content easily

When a visitor is reading something on your business website and he really likes it, he will be willing to share that particular content with his friends or the other social media followers. This is why it is your responsibility to ensure that ideally configured buttons are present within your blogs or business website so that sharing the post is never a problem.

One of the most common mistakes that business owners do is that they definitely add the buttons but they do not check if the content is being shared ideally. When your visitor is sharing your post, he is not going to fix anything. It is your responsibility to ensure that the image, title, as well as the description, is formatted properly.

Make use of images with the posts

Videos, images, and other kinds of visual items, which include illustrations and infographics, are extremely shareable. You need to ensure that your contents have images because people believe in visuals more than texts. Apart from that, images are responsible for making your posts more attractive as well as appealing and it looks that every post has a story to tell. If people are intrigued by your posts, they will definitely click the website link in your social media page.

Adding links to the social media posts

Only adding the website link to the social media profiles is not going to be of help. It is also suggested that you add links on each and every social media post. An ideal post is responsible for having an extremely attractive title, short descriptions, and a great image, along with the link from where the post has been taken from. This will help in making you look a lot more credible and people will be interested in your business.

Ensure that you are posting regularly

It is obvious that you should not spam your followers by posting 5 or 6 times a day but if you make regular updates, your brand is not only going to get exposure but you are also going to gain website traffic. This is something that should be done in order to make your followers believe that you are still in the picture. Not posting for a really long time will make your brand lose credibility and you might even start losing your customers.


Social media marketing is one of the most important aspects to consider when you have started your business. Make sure that you are making use of social media marketing appropriately in order to gain organic traffic on your business website.

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