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Killings in Kashmir, Kolkata and Kerala

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Father of Nation- Bapuji propagated non violence and peace. But unfortunately violence and bloodshed has swept Kashmir, Kolkata and Kerala, it has even disrupted democratic exercise.

Kashmir violence is due to historical wrong doing during its merger into Union of India. Article 370 and Section 35A which were enacted as ‘temporary provision’ but prevailing even today is also reasons for violence. Remedial action can be taken by repealing Art.370 and Sec.35A, as mentioned in manifesto of BJP, also narrative of “Delimitation” has set which would give equal recognition to all communities. If former and the latter is done then violence can be eradicated from Kashmir.

Fortunately the party which had assured in it’s manifesto about repealing of AFSPA hasn’t come to power, if it had, then situation would be still worse. Analogy of Kolkata refers to entire West Bengal which is under clutches of autocracy. The party which had come to power asserting it’s commitment towards Ma (Mother), Maati (Soil) and Maanush (Humanity) is behaving in an inhuman manner. The soil of Bengal which had nourished great sons of Bharat like Swami Vivekananda, Subash Chandra Bose, Eshwar Chandra Vidyasagar and others is now reddened with blood of BJP workers.

Mothers of BJP workers are living in fear of death of their sons in the hands of Goons of ruling party. It is said that Didi is igniting violence in anticipation of Presidential Rule, which could be used for gaining sympathy for next assembly elections. There were instances of poll rigging and booth capturing in recent parliamentary elections. I don’t know why human rights activists and human rights organizations like Amnesty International, NHRC etc are silent despite killings of BJP Karyakartas. In Bengal even religious freedom is curtailed. Chanting of Jai Sri Ram attracts detention in West Bengal. By all means autocracy of CM of Bengal has crossed all frontiers. It is said that as end approaches a person will act with over intelligence. This violence might also a symptom of end of regime of Didi.

Then Kerala, known as God’s own country in fact most literate state also witnessed both political and religious violence. In this state too killings of RSS and BJP workers were witnessed, continued with gambling with Hindu Sentiments related to Sabarimala. Glory of Kashmir, Kolkata and Kerala has been damaged because of whims of certain politicians, it’s the need of the hour to restore the lost glory. Kashmir should be made heaven again, Kerala should be made Gods own country again and Kolkata should be kept in status of, “What Bengal thinks today will be thinking of India tomorrow”.


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