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Chennai restaurant thrashes man drinking 4 glasses of water for 2 idlis

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Chennai. In a bizarre incident in Tamilnadu’s capital city, a man of mid thirties, Mr. Raman, was thrashed black and blue by the staff of a not so popular restaurant in the suburbs. The incident took place on Wednesday amidst the international media going high on the lowest water supply to the city’s everyday needs.

Raman reportedly reached the restaurant at 9 a.m. in the morning and ordered for 2 idlis. As is the custom to serve a glass of water to the guests first, the waiter promptly brought a glass of water, though the glass was half empty. Raman thanked the waiter and gulped the water with great interest and excitement in his eyes.

The waiter disappeared only to appear again soon enough to serve the 2 idlis with ‘Idli Powder’ and ‘Solid Chutney’ as side items. The Chutney was so dry and Raman needed more water to help with consuming the dry idlis and chutney. The waiter promptly pointed to the ‘Welcome’ board, which read ‘Only one Glass of Water per person and no Sambar’ underneath a popular movie Actor’s still from his latest release.

Raman cursed the waiter, the restaurant management, the Tamilnadu government, the movie Actor and the ancestors who invented chutney some 500 BC years ago. When somehow he managed to finish his breakfast and asked for the bill, the attack happened. The waiter noticed that the water he had served for a group of 3 more guests in the same table disappeared. When the 3 had gone to the ironically named ‘Wash room’ with no water, Raman suspected to have committed the crime.

Even as Raman protested repeatedly that he didn’t drink the water, the mob of waiters along with the help of other angry guests, had beaten him up. The thrashing continued until Raman demanded to ask the 3 other guests about what really happened. The mob took a break to find the truth directly from the 3 and they were not to be found. The waiters searched the small restaurant twice and found no trace of them.

When OP India reporter rushed to the spot, Raman was seen limping away from the restaurant, when the owner of the facility, busy in the phone, described in great detail to the local police about the external appearance of the thieves who stole 3 precious glasses of water from his restaurant. After stiff negotiations, he settled for 1 full glass of water to the police personnel for tracking down the thieves, it is learnt by OPIndia.

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