#BrokenNews: Tinder to introduce matrimony section for girls who are ‘not here for hookups’

A fascinating development took place after the management at Tinder’s corporate office came to know of an incident involving a woman who put rape charges on a man with whom she had willingly had sex, facilitated by the app.

The woman and the man met through the popular app that seeks to facilitate casual sex or hookups. But the woman wanted more than just a casual relationship. However when the man refused her marriage proposal, she decided to file a rape case on him.

Our sources tell that the upper management was quite perturbed by the thought that the app is losing out on the matrimony market, when they heard the news. They immediately commissioned an internal market research survey. The survey conducted by Tinder shows that somewhere around eighty to ninety percent of the female users that are on Tinder are “not here for hookups.” But the research could not conclude as to what exactly is it about the app that makes females have such a conception about the nature of the app.

Nevertheless, Tinder is determined to dominate the Matrimonial market in India. It has decided to introduce a matrimony section for women who think hookup apps can find their soulmate. Tinder may tie up with Shaadi.com in a joint venture for this purpose. There are also talks of a corporate take-over of ‘JeevanSaathi’ a popular matrimonial service.

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