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Divisive politics- The beginning of the end

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India has won! I write this in a deep level of satisfaction that the BJP led NDA has won and is preparing to form the government for the next five years.

India is a diverse country. We have been taught for a long time that ‘unity in diversity’ is the biggest strength of India. However, this ideology has been used by most of the political parties for their electoral benefits. The word India or Hindustan was never used by the politicians to represent a country as a nation with strong cultural and spiritual unity. Political parties were always busy dividing India and Indians based on language, culture, geography, and the most important – caste. This is the first time in the history of India that majority of the voters have voted with oneness in mind – India. All the attempts of the political parties, except BJP, to divide Indians have been destroyed by the voters. We have several examples of divisive nature in all the left-leaning parties led by the Indian National Congress.

The divisive ideology started from the British who quickly learned that it is absolutely necessary to break India based on different parameters and unity among Indians is the biggest threat to the British. The best way they found to divide India is through education. British forced Indians to learn English in order to keep them competitive on the global level. On the other hand, it was easy for them to introduce their ideologies and divisive nature through English to every Indian. The first major attempt is the introduction of fake Aryan-Dravidian theory to Indians. Tamil Nadu is a live example of this division which is still suffering in dilemma over this ideology. There are many other parameters used by the British such as culture, language, etc. to divide Indians which acted as the ghee to the ‘divide and rule’ fire.

Diversity in ideologies is always welcome. In fact, India and Hinduism are known for their wide variety of ideological differences since Vedic times. However, the difference is that this diversity was never used to break India or Indians on any basis. The diversity was joyful. Now, there are thousands of political parties with their own divisive ideology. I remember a joke by Late. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalamji.

Devil – I will kill you.

He – You can kill me after you answer one question correctly.

Devil – I can answer any question.

He – Go across India and count the exact number of political parties in India.

Devil – *never came back*

It is also important to understand that this divisive nature of political parties has no base. It is the ideology that has been tested through trial and error method with one agenda – power.

This is the first time in the history of India that Narendra Modi led India has unified people. Hindus are happy, Muslims are happy, Hindi speaking people are happy, Kannada speaking people are happy, Jats in Haryana are happy, Lingayats in Karnataka are happy, the list goes on. This is also the first time in the history that a political party has asked for votes for development and India and not for the party or for their caste, religion, dynasty, culture, geography. This is the biggest change Modi govt has brought about.

We can also observe the suffering in silence of the leftists. Their only weapon of division has been destroyed forever. They have never fought elections with development or oneness as the agenda and the good news is ‘They will never be able to do that in future’.

Jai Hind!

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