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Modi Tsunami is happening, 2019 election is about development and not for change, as seen in 2014

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The rapid progression of several opposition parties from the state of Diarrhoea to Dysentery and the panic and paranoiac run of the dynast clearly display the clinical sign that most of the opposition politicians that they may be carrying Rabies virus and would have reached the advanced state of infection.

All these are happening in Indian politics is purely due to Modi Tsunami. Initially the opposition parties were searching for Modi wave and wondered why the sea is so calm and it means, it is for the opposition to make advantage out of the calm sea and not Modi. But the unwise, corrupt, destructive Tukde Tukde gangs and the dynast had never realized that what is happening in India is Modi Tsunami and not Modi wave.

In 2014, it was the election for change. The corrupt congress government and the family rule that has ruined India for nearly 70 years must be thrown out and that was the desire of people then.  Therefore people were making waves for change and dispelled their utmost anger against congress party and its affiliates.

The 2019 election is more about development, national security and sab ka vikas where people have already made their choice clear. This election is not a wave election but election for the development our nation, ensuring national security and sab aka vikas. Since the decision has been already made by people of India in favour of Narendra Modi, we see more of undercurrent than any waves. Deep sea doesn’t make waves and only in shallow sea, we will find waves.

When people were yarning for change in 2014, they were also a bit scared whether such change would happen and therefore they become noisy, publicly went out to campaign, spoke to everyone to vote for Narendra Modi led BJP and save India.

But today the millions and millions of voters are confident, satisfied and happy and are also proud of being an Indian. People of India largely feel that India has regained its dignity, self-respect, glory and leadership position from the state of hopelessness, scam and corruption, nepotism and dynastic politics of UPA 1 and 2. Since most of the people have understood the definition of good and corruption free governance for the first time since 1947, people want Narendra Modi back again as Prime Minister of India. He ran the most popular, impartial, sab ka vikas centric, un-corrupt government since 1947 and Narendra Modi was the first Prime Minister in the contemporary times has shown enormous courage to retaliate to terrorism and show Pakistan its place.


The Modi Tsunami election is quite visible even to an ordinary man who knows little about politics. This has rattled the entire opposition gangs, Tukde Tukde gangs, dynast and the punkah coolie of the above cocktail group. As a result, the dynast has stated to attack Modi and Amit Shah personally, the TDP and other Tukde group are blaming EVM, are running here and there like the one who is infected by Rabies virus.

Day by day, the dynast is losing his credibility like how fast the water drops evaporate out in Serengeti summer. Like the hero of AAP who used to abuse everyone as corrupt and then continuously engage in series of apologies, the dynast is also following the same path of AAP hero.

The dynast may be thinking that by abusing and spreading lies about Nrendra Modi or Amit Shah, would get him some votes. He is doing nothing but Manishankar Iyer phenomenon for the congress party. After all Manishankar Iyer and the dynast, both are siblings of the same rotten culture called congress party.


Neither BJP nor people need to vote out the dynast, the dynast is capable enough to dig his own graveyard in Indian politics. The most untrustworthy, nonsensical, illiterate, ignorant and culture and decency-less politics of the dynast is sufficient enough to defeat him.   Some traditionally rooted congress sympathisers are really worried about the future of congress party and the way the dynast is playing his politics, but the sycophants and punkah collie of the dynast both in the party and in some media houses instead of condemning and correcting the dynast are clapping for the global comedian and polluting Indian politics with the toxic and most obnoxious politics of the dynast.

India must be saved from the dynast, corrupt forces. Neutralizing all these negative forces is possible only if absolute power is granted to Modi. Only when Modi govt. get absolute majority he can excise the agenda of development, national security and cleaning of Indian politics by attenuating all divisive forces.

People of India therefore must exercise extra-caution and must owe additional responsibility to spread the message of positivity, development, national security and sab ka vikas agenda of Narendra Modi and must tell every Indian that they must participate in building new India and must also play the role of chowkidar to protect the nation from the dynastic forces that want to loot the country.

Look at the irony, the son, mother and son-in-law, all are on bail calling the most honest leader of India – PM Modi, a chor.

To put the real chor in prison, people must vote for Modi with massive majority. Let us save India, let us elect Modi. Let the agenda of development, national security and sab ka vikas and not the greed of the dynast to come to power and loot the nation win in 2019.

Chowkidar Ranganathan

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