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Left based intellectuals decoded

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From time immemorial across the world, left based intellectuals have always attracted people. Even though it’s a failed ideology why do some youngsters like it? It seems it is because most of these left based intellectuals wrap their political ideology very smartly with empathy towards oppressed and for that they use their writing or speaking skills effectively. Thus they come out for many as “good people”.

What if there are no oppressors? What happens when your country starts moving at fastest rate, the head of state is non corrupt, all his ministers are efficient and easily reachable, people start getting basic need items which they were deprived of for many years like bank accounts, toilets, electricity, roads, they start getting clean railways, affordable air ticket, cheap internet, no regular bomb blasts, no major riot?

What happens then? The significance of this ideology based writers, thinkers, artists start diminishing. Actually there are very less or minimal who are actually oppressed as there are no oppressor so now these ideologists are not able to wrap their evil intentions.

What is the way out for them? Well to keep themselves significant, these left based individuals start creating fake victims, they take couple of incidents from billion population blow it out of proportion to show government in bad light. Their whole ideology is based on the concept of oppressor oppressing the victim, so they try to paint the powerful as oppressor.

While doing this they start hurting countries image and actual educated class gets agitated with their tantrums. hence normal people start criticism and when normal people criticize they are harsh. These left based intellectuals who are egoistic, stubborn, but well qualified individuals and for long they have enjoyed the good position with respective governments hence powerful and have huge media presence start presenting themselves as victim and create a soft spot among people of country.

How to deal with them? There extreme reaction and hatred shows they are being dealt. It’s time that people should not fall into their narrative. Vote smartly. It would finish them.

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