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Leftists’ feminism is an insult to womanhood: An open letter to women on women’s day

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Dear Women / Feminist / Woke Feminist,

I hope you are doing well in your lives. Today is the 8th of March, the International Women’s Day. Today you will see people (specially Woke Feminist) posting pictures and stories with women. Google will change its doodle to something about women empowerment. Big corporate houses will put out videos about how women are getting equal rights and equal say in their organisation. Brand will make use of opportunity to promote their products. #WomenDay will trend across social media. Teenagers and youth will talk and discuss about it since it will make them look cool. There will be debates about it in schools and colleges and the next the day people will be back to their normal business.

Women over the years have come a long way and there is still a lot to be done to empower women and make them self-reliant, but still they have come a long way. There were times when women were oppressed, weren’t allowed to move out alone, they didn’t even had the Right To Vote (in Europe and USA).

Feminism was and is a good and powerful tool but the Left-Liberals have made it a weird thing. Till about a year ago, I was also a ‘Woke Feminist’. I also used to wish women on Women Day, post fancy stuff about how women are so strong and brave on social media. If you are thinking why I did so, the answer is because it looked ‘cool’ or more attractive thing to do. It felt good because I was a class 12th student, who was an average with his grades, averages with his looks, I didn’t had many friends and was in constant pressure to make myself more likable and attractive to the society and liberal world. Actually, that was the time when I realized how much of today’s youth is influenced by leftist propaganda.

Calling ‘Women’s day’ a propaganda might sound a bit harsh, but I don’t think it solves the real problem. Instead it just provides a platform to some brands to promote their products, some celebs to do some publicity, some TV shows to increase their TRPs and some digital content creators some views and clicks (including myself). By the way, there is a thing called ‘International Men’s Day’. Ever heard about it or do you know on what date is it?

Usually liberal celebs who show themselves as ‘Social Justice Warriors’ never even comment on issues of sexual harassment when some of their colleagues or friends are involved. These celebs get disappointed when their movies don’t do well and blame it on the patriarchal society. Radical feminists literally hate men and blame everything on patriarchy when things don’t go their way.

So, in the end just want to say that the real feminists or a strong independent woman doesn’t require a day for themselves so that they could be celebrated. There are many people who are doing great work but you might not have heard about them or read article on them, but yes, they exist.

By the way, ‘Happy Women’s Day’. Just wishing everyone so that no one can call me a women-hater.

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