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Exposing Rahul lies on Rafale- Part 3

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Claim : PM Modi paid higher price for Rafale than Qatar, Egypt

No allegation I have came across is as comical as this one. The Congress spokesperson also produced an 2017 annual report from Dassault. One can search for it, and you would realise that Congress does not even know how to go through annual reports.

Let me take it from scratch Rahul Gandhi and Surjewala – and for you ignominious, lets start with single country- Qatar.

(Source – France and Qatar seal $7 billion Rafale fighter jet deal)

Now I know some small basic school math is difficult for you to comprehend, so I would go slowly –

Total deal size for 24 jets  = $7 billion
Average cost of 1 dollar in 2015 = Rs 66
Total deal size for 24 jets in Indian rupees = 7000000000 x 66 = Rs 46200,00,00,000 /-
Therefore cost of one jet = 46200,00,00,000 / 24 = Rs. 1925,00,00,000 (Rs 1925 crores)

Arre Surjewala, Rahul why are you surprised? This is is how you have been doing it with Modi’s Rafale Deal, take the entire package and divide it with number of jets, like you did in this video – 58000 crore / 36 = 1611 crores… Right? And you guys have the audacity to talk about annual reports!

So, by what maths did you came up with Qatar paying less!

But since, I have to bring facts in front of people, and not spread lies like Rahulji, Surjewalaji and Congressji, I would like to tell the audience that Qatar exercised options for additional 12 jets at 1.1 billion euros.

(source – Metro, Rafale, A321 … 11.1 billion euros in contracts signed on the arrival of Macron in Qatar)

Now this option is for year 2017 and 1.1 billion euro=  $124,21,47,500.

Now in main package of $7 billion all trainings, logistics, maintenance contracts, missiles are covered. The options would contain only the jets and if required missiles and other accessories. Qatar exercised the option without any missiles package.

I would add this $ 124,21,47,500 to original $7 billion

Total deal size for 36 jets  = $824,21,47,500
Average cost of 1 dollar in 2015 = Rs 66
Total deal size for 24 jets in Indian rupees = 824,21,47,500 x 66 = Rs 54398,17,35,000 /-
Therefore cost of one jet = 54398,17,35,000 / 24 = Rs. 1511,06,03,750 (Rs 1511 crores)

So by your style of calculation of package deal with number of jets, shows Qatar paid 1925 crore versus Modi’s 1611 crore for 24 jets. After adding additional options Qatar paid 1511 crore versus Modi’s 1611 crore for 36 jets.

Now India has an option for picking up additional 18 jets, and per jet price would come less than Qatar. Dhruv Rathee and other journalist realised that the difference is not what you claim, and hence they moved away with a feeble- one cannot compare packages.

I would highlight the packages difference-

  1. Qatar jets are  not capable of carrying nuclear weapons, Indian jets are.
  2. Qatar jets have only two customisationWhile Indian ones have over 14 customisations!! One cannot take a BMW dashboard and fit on Audi car are right away. Customisation come at a cost. 13,470 crore for 36 jet, about 374 crore per jet. (source – A LIST OF POSSIBLE 14 IAF CUSTOMIZATION ON IAF RAFALE F3I, and, 10 Reasons Why The Indian Rafale Is Evolution Itself)
  3. Qatar order over 10,500 crore with missiles, while India. ordered 5,313 crores worth of missiles.
  4. India would get logistic support at two bases – Hashmira and Ambala. Qatar has support at one base.
  5. India has a package of maintenance for five years with spare parts and stricter requirements of 75% of the fleet availability in any situation.

So after so many plusses on Indian side – even with options Qatar is paying 100 crore less. If India exercise its options, the per cost of jet would be significantly less.

Next Part – Demolishing the myth that India paid more than Egypt.

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