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De-coding the nexus between Pakistan military and terrorism

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Vishal Kumar
I am Vishal Kumar, currently pursuing LL. B. from Campus Law Centre, DU. I did graduation in Political science from Ramjas college, DU. Interested in research, philosophy, political issues, economics and law. Worked with various Law firms and Litigants across India.

This is the Planet where we have had been evolving. This planet supports us and we owe responsibility towards its continuance. Everything is mutual. This planet was never known for terror, supporting or escalating. They have their plans, they make us victim to establish their agenda. They are working to achieve their agenda by disturbing global peace equilibrium. They are doing what they believe to be right. What are we upto? What’s our duty? Protect them and ensure peace, single- headedly? Our responsibility, our agenda is to survive and protect our planet by disbanding and eliminating evils. Speak to yourself!

Why the hell our agenda of establishing good is failing before their agenda of exhibiting evil? We need to understand what India does mean and what India does not mean! India has had been struggling for establishing peace and love for years and that can’t be established by living with the enemies of our planet. We need to eliminate them to enjoy freedom and bliss, ultimately! At least, we need to hold the guts to speak for our nation’s unity, integrity and sovereignty. The highest value of life is freedom, and we can establish that by doing our duty.

Pakistan is around 300 odd miles wide and about 1200 miles long. Pakistan has the frontage but it doesn’t have the depth to fight a war as much as they want to. Geo- strategic location of Pakistan is very important, that makes it an important location not only regionally but across worldwide. But, it can also be not undermined that a country which is more than 6 times in area is mapped on its east, it has Afghanistan on its west, Iran along its borders which has about 98% of Shia Population. So, strategic depth is an important requirement for Pakistan, Pakistan requires land in addition to its limited zonal influences into the states of Afghanistan, Iran and Saudi Arabia for any attack operation. So, Pakistan’s insecurity lies not only in the dearth of strategic depth but also zonal influences across Islamic countries worldwide.

The narrative that the civilians of Pakistan set lies in their serious miscalculations not only about Kashmir but also about the efforts and successes of their army and government. There is nothing called democracy in the retarded revanchist territory, whole occupancy of almost everything is in the hands of Pakistani military, they are the real intruders and force behind every tragedy, be it supporting terrorism or subduing government. The whole narrative of Kashmir that stand, trend and infuriate in Pakistan is what army say and the same outreach to the civilians in the form of opium.

Pakistan has nothing per se except the contentious Kashmir issue which they ride every time like a tiger, disturbing regional peace and order. Every army has a reason to exist, India’s army reason to exist is to protect nation’s integrity and sovereignty, Pakistan’s army reason to exist is to protect the Pakistani army and this is not generic when we venture into the number of scams they have had been involved in to fill their army exchequer to fight India. Pakistani army can’t exist unless the same is in conflict with India. For the past 70 years, it has been consoled to the people of Pakistan that one day Kashmir will be theirs and only that shall bring development and well- being to the state. Pakistani army represent itself as the legal heirs of Mughals. When we look at Kashmiri from Pakistan army the it is all about credibility, they roar before their civilians because of that.

So, Pakistan army is like a vehicle whose brakes are not working so only physical force shall help in constraining it. Secondly, there are around 400 families which control Pakistan and Pakistani army not only guides physical frontiers of Pakistan but also ideological frontiers of Pakistan. Ideological frontiers include donation theory upon which the economy and military of Pakistan subsists, state of perpetual enmity against India and the faith that the military and elites of Pakistan uphold as their guiding principle. All these factors ensure and maintain conflict in the state of Pakistan against India. Deception and misinformation on social media and among civilians are the popular ways from which they garner legitimacy to accomplish their elite goals.

Any political or diplomatic solution is neither viable nor permissible between India and Pakistan. Any act of Pakistan military is neither an incident nor a coincidence, they are rather conspiracy, conspiracy to disentangle Indian government and destabilise Indian populace. So, better hammering on front against Pakistan is inevitable for two reasons. First to change the narrative that Pakistan military set in order to protect their image before Pakistanis and international players and secondly, to decode the vested political motives and interests of Pakistani military and elite coterie of the state.

Jihadis and Kashmir militants are cheap alternatives that the Pakistan military envisions in order to accomplish their goals. So they are used. This whole structure of military and Pakistani elites supporting terrorism is equivalent to a never- ending conveyor belt in which soldiers, civilians and terrorists may die but the motive persists relentlessly. In addition to that, they have had been continuously getting moral backhand from few segments of Indian society in the name of peace and religious fraternity.

So, we need to understand the problem better and profusely. The problem is deeply ingrained into the visions elaborated above. We are not only required to attack the roots of that military- elite nexus but also required to constantly imbibe what is true and plausible among members of Indian society. The whole basis of drawing such narrative must be challenged, unveiled and presented before the civilians and international players in order to overcome this long tussle.

– Vishal Kumar, student of Law, Campus Law Centre, DU.

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Vishal Kumar
I am Vishal Kumar, currently pursuing LL. B. from Campus Law Centre, DU. I did graduation in Political science from Ramjas college, DU. Interested in research, philosophy, political issues, economics and law. Worked with various Law firms and Litigants across India.

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