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Let us be proud of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi

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The pre-emptive “non-military” action of Indian Air Force strike inside the territory of Pakistan’s control, destroying the terror camp should not been seen merely as retaliation to the attack by Pakistani terrorists in Pulwama killing several of our jawans, but the action should be seen as India’s commitment to make the world safe and free from terrorist operations.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi always displayed and deliberated his roles and responsibilities more as a statesman, a patriot of humanity, a champion of world peace, harmony and brotherhood, a leader who has enshrined his heart and head into development of India and achieve sab ka vikas.

On the contrary, several opposition political parties in India love to play petty politics than having any concern for our national security. That is why several party men of the dynast had lavishly skewed praises for various Islamic terrorists in the past.

PM Modi has decided to teach not only the terrorist organization but also the Pakistan for nursing terrorism and supporting cross border terrorism in India. Pakistan has become the principal terrorist exporting country in the world which needs to be condemned by all neighbouring nations including China.

PM Modi has taken up the lead to dismantle the terrorist network working in Pakistan soil.  In fact Pakistan must thank Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for destroying the terrorist organization in Pakistan which Pakistan was incapable of destroying it. In fact, the Prime Minister of Pakistan must personally thank our PM and must request the help of his to destroy all terrorist organizations that are operating in Pakistan. If Pakistan dare any other misadventure that would further isolate the country and would destroy it forever.

Most countries in the world have recognized the commitment of PM Modi for world peace and development of humanity. Hope millions of Indians also would recognize the above truth and would accordingly exercise their franchise in favour of India’s development and sab ka vikas in 2019 and not the vikas of a dynasty, corruption, nepotism and instability. No country in the world has supported Pakistan and most of the countries are asking Pakistan to act against terrorist organizations that are operating in Pakistan.

Pakistan military think tank should not confuse the non-military strike of Indian Air Force as retaliation or exhibition of muscle power but instead they must gracefully thank India for helping Pakistan to destroy the terrorists. Post Pulwama attack, world was watching Pakistan would act against terrorist organizations based in Pakistan but Pakistan continued its denial and continued to support cross border terrorism. India was left with no choice but to act firmly and swiftly.

The non-military strike of Indian Air Force should not be seen as an act meant only for India but it is meant for global peace and harmony. Destruction of every terrorist organization in any part of the world is essential for global community to live peacefully and hence the mission of India should not be reduced as an act for self-defence.

India is bound to defend itself and has the right to act firmly against those who harm India but PM Modi has measured every action of India not just for the sake of India alone but for the world community as well.

The Prime Minister believes in the famous Hindu ethos “Vasudhaiva kudumbakam” (the world in one family) as stated in Maha Upanishad.

Several minority communities in India must recognize the truth that PM Modi is the leader of the universal peace, harmony and development. He is lover of humanity and not the lover of any particular religion or caste or community. He is the follower of truth and sanctity, missionary of tranquility and sab ka vikas.

Minority communities will be safe in India when Narendra Modi is in power and not the dynast.  The dynast’s party has just used the minority communities only as mere vote bank and has done nothing whereas PM Modi is focusing on sab ka vikas.  Let us be proud of such Prime Minister of our country.

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