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Why Bharat bandh sponsored by the dynast failed

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The Bharat bandh sponsored by the congress party under its leader the great dynast has indeed failed to evoke any response among citizens of India but indeed has shown its frustrations and pain in the form of their goons damaging several public and private properties.

The fuel price has indeed affected the life of common man but instead of engaging in how to solve the problem every political party in India wants to blame PM Modi and never wants to do what they can do to the people. Every state can give huge concession to its people by decreasing their tax. But no state wants to do what they should and ought to but are happier to shed crocodile tears.

Fuel price is influenced by the international factor which definitely India cannot influence. Therefore it is the collective responsibility of all the states to make the life of ordinary man easy and no responsible political party should attempt to politicize or take political mileage out of such global problem.

Congress has proven its culture and ethics by taking every issue for its political advantage starting from hugging Modi and then mocking its action by winking to some isolated mob lynching ………and wants to blame Modi.

People of India are worried and concerned about the spiraling fuel price but are not going to believe the cock and bull story of the congress party or its great dynast leader. Even many political parties whose only job is to abuse and attack Modi like TMC, SP, BSP etc., did not take part in the Bharat Bandh sponsored by the dynast. How long the age old party can fool people and misguide them?

By keep flapping the wings, no bird can establish a territory or can identify its nesting site. Today what congress is doing is creating anarchy in the name of democratic rights and affecting the livelihood of poor people.

How many shops were destroyed, vehicles were attacked and small vendors and daily wage labourers were stopped from earning their livelihood in the name of Bharadh bandh? For all those poor people the fuel price is not their primary concern but earning their meagre daily wage is important because only with their meagre earning they can make Roti.

The Bharat Bandh called by the dynast has not only stopped all those poor people from earning their livelihood but also stopped them from buying the basic food items like Daal, wheat flour etc., many small shops were forced to shut just to prove that the Bandh called by the dynast was a grand success.

The fundamental question is that for whose benefit the dynast has called the Bandh? If it is for poor people then how can the Bandh stop the poor man to make his livelihood and have a squire meal a day? By paralyzing the state have they not caused loss to public exchequer?

People of India have started to ask all these questions. The party that had ruled and ruined India for so long is today mocking public civility and had affected the livelihood of poor man and is trying to justify its action as national fete.  Perhaps this truth only might have prevented TMC and other opposition parties not to join the dynast as the Bharat Bandh called by the dynast was against our nation and not for our nation.

The galloping fuel price is a serious concern and Modi is doing everything possible to contain it.  In the hour of trauma and tyranny the citizens must stand united with the government and must support the government to tide over the situation as fuel price is a global factor.  This is not the time for us to play politics or engage in blame game.

Dynast can afford to do because the dynast is fighting for power and we the Indians look for development and Sab Ka Vikas therefore we, the people of India must stand with PM Modi and must pledge our unconditional support to overcome this adversity.

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