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Rahul Gandhi need bedtime story teller to learn politics

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Considering the immaturity and childishness of Rahul Gandhi, people of India must be considerate and kind to tell him some bedtime stories so that he doesn’t lose his sleep and suffer from untimely wake up to rant his hatred for the democratically elected PM and defame his own image.

He may need stories of Panchatantra, stories of Aesop or stories of Arabian night etc., to learn Indian politics better.

One of the bedtime stories of Aesop- ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf’ would definitely put some sense to the dynast otherwise he may soon reduce his stature like the boy of the Aesop story. The boy under the reference used to make fun of shepherds and villagers by unnecessarily crying wolf, wolf several times. When the shepherds and villagers rush to save their sheep from wolf, the boy used to laugh as he made fun of them. One day when the boy was alone in the forest, the wolf did really come and the boy cried for help but none came for the boy’s help thinking the boy is making fun of them. The wolf killed the helpless boy and ate him.


Today the dynast is crying corruption in Rafael procurement, demonetisation etc., to defame PM Modi and catch some media attention and from Indian voters. He should understanding the truth that there is no scam or corruption is there in Rafael deal or demonetisation and PM Modi is an embodiment of integrity, honesty, commitment and development of India and PM Modi is not like the dynast who inherited the legacy without any merit or contest.

The point to be remembered is that none of his farcical cry would get him vote and instead people of India would only think of him to be too immature and hungry for the post of Prime Minister.

The position of Prime Minister of India is not determined by the dynastic law so he can easily inherit it. People should vote and for people to vote, the leader must be wise, matured, must have clear vision, commitment, high level of integrity and proven track records.  As on date PM Modi alone shall fit to the above shoe and he alone is liked and loved by millions and millions of people and want him to rule India in 2019 and beyond.


If the dynast does not learn his lessons from the story of the boy who cried wolf of Aesop would end up as ancient mariner who was in the middle of a sea and could sea water everywhere but could find no drop of water to drink.

Like the mariner who cried “water, water everywhere, nor any drop to drink”, the dynast is also crying and shouting scam, scam everywhere when there no scam and no single vote will come to the dynast for making all such false allegations.

If the dynast child cry for milk, people of India will be kind to provide him, if he cry for toy certainly that also will be given to him but if cry to become Prime Minister of India, how Indians will make such immature person of PM of India?


Can he claim that since he has inherited the age old party in India so it is his birth right to become Prime Minister of India?

Desire and aspirations are fine but one should not nurture greed, hatred and obsession for power.  The post of Prime Minister of India does not come as gift to ones greed or obsession.

Time has come, we the Indians must be kind and benevolent towards to the ’48 years old child’ and must teach him regularly with several bedtime stories to help him to grow and mature. If we do not help him, he may continue to be as immature as how he is today and would make the party as Entertainment Company. None of his false allegations would help him to grab the post of Prime Minister of India.

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