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Democracy and the vague opposition

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Intentionally or unintentionally, the game which is being played in Karnataka is a win-win situation for BJP, no matter what happens in the floor test:

  • Congress went to the same C.J.I. whom they proposed to impeach a few days ago, C.J.I. heard the plea and they seem to be thankful for it. They can’t really say something about S.C. at least for some time now.
  •  No E.V.M. tampering accusation from any of the parties now; they think that people are not observing it. Everyone is watching this and people will laugh because they will start bringing this E.V.M. bullshit as per the result and convenience. Then they wonder that how come, people are still voting for the same party.
  •  B.J.P. wins or loses, they are getting benefited anyways in R.S.(upper house). If they win, their government here and if they lose, how long JDS+CONG alliance will survive, one can sense. No one is naive here.

It’s our bad luck that we don’t have a real opposition. We deserve a constructive opposition who can question on real issues but the parties who are habitual of power, think that public is so foolish that they can get away with anything.

C.J.I. is bad, E.C. is bad, Governor is bad, EVM is tampered, fake news peddling and so much. They have become so blind in hating one person and one party that they start criticizing each and everything about them, circulate useless memes and they don’t realize that when even a single lie when gets uncovered, BJP and Modi gets the sympathy. It’s not them, it’s their haters who are making them big. This is the only reality today.

The only victim is us, the public. Horse trading, resorts politics and all this bullshit game, who is paying for all this? We, the taxpayers but we have become so comfortable with all this that this doesn’t matter to anyone now.

We deserve a real constructive opposition who can debate on issues, who not only questions but provides a road-map or advice to current bills, who can actually do politics and get benefits/funds from center to work on their constituency rather than uselessly questioning the integrity of all the institutions like Judiciary, Election Commission and all the possible entities and later going to the same place for favor and making fool of themselves.

Parliament or Assembly doesn’t have only ruling parties’ representatives but have opposition, regional, independent as well who still get paid and who still holds the responsibility of their constituency, they feel that their only work is to put allegations. If they win, Democracy wins and if they lose, EVM is tampered. The public cannot be fooled, they choose to observe the selective outrage, accusations as per convenience and then they reply while voting. Some people make things easier for BJP. Even if the BJP does not work for a single day, these people(opposition) will turn the public into BJP supporters. Is it so tough to accept the defeat and start working on it?

It seems we can never get a proper and constructive opposition and the people who think they are manipulating people by saying just useless things about BJP and Modi, may sense prevail. the opposition is trying to defame others for 16 years, still have been unable to understand the nerves of people. If you’re really concerned, then work on the facts, rebut the question on education, railway, jobs, if a bill is not proper, give a blueprint for change, work in your area and there are a thousand things but all this seems a dream. Or else, keep on doing the same thing and keep wondering about the results after every election.

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Avid observer, wannabe writer, eccentric, artsy, full of flaws, # Cinema/TV Series/Books/Politics & few more...

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