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A tale of “morale” victories

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In a democracy every voice matters and I am one of the billion voices of India.

The election results of three states on 3rd March 2017 smell of “morale” victories for BJP. The demolition of the left in its long held bastion of Tripura has a very important underlying hint to take away as well. The sweep in tribal areas is the major takeaway. The party which is majorly considered to be an “Urban” party, has made inroads in the tribal areas and this must worry the Congress.

A day is a very long time in politics but it seems that Rahul Gandhi is letting days pass by while he is enjoying his honeymoon period with this Presidency. His complete ignorance of the mandate must be frustrating the party members but the utter silence for the sake of unity is lethal. The lack of ideology is the major roadblock for Congress and in a democracy it is necessary to have competition. The regional parties of different ideologies and Congress trying to form a “Mahagathbandhan” reminds of the fate that the Janata Party met in 1979-80.

It is long overdue for the Congress party to smell the sulfur or else it will vanish and Gandhi’s wish of dissolving the Congress will come true.

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In a democracy every voice matters and I am one of the billion voices of India.

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