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Why shall we Hindus always compromise?

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Yesterday was just not an ordinary day for Hindus, it was the day when 25 years ago a disputed structure was destroyed by karsevaks with a hope to see Ram Lala’s grand temple.

I saw many liberals and leftist abusing Hindus as criminals for claiming a piece of land that belongs to them, and honestly speaking in India you can get “Liberal” title only by abusing Hindus, so I was okay with it. But then I saw many RW guys demanding for hospital or school in place of Mandir, that triggered me. Not because I am against better facilities but because once again I was asked to compromise. Yes, they are asking me (Hindus) to compromise again and give up on the hope of Ram Mandir.

Then I realized that this is not a new thing, every time we asked for our rights we are told that granting us (what is ours to begin with) something will send wrong signals to other religions and it will harm India’s image of being a secular nation. And they have rephrased meaning of “Secularism”, now it means that a religion that is followed by 80% of total population should never ask for anything, never speak against wrongs, and never use Freedom of Expression.

I am from city of Varanasi, a city of temples, city that belongs to Shiva & mother Ganga. Among many things you will find that famous Kashi Vishwanath temple is covered with a mosque, famous “Panch-Ganga ghat” is over-shadowed with Alamgiri Mosque (Bindu Madhav temple earlier). Our temples were destroyed all over nation, and we were asked to stay quiet, sometimes by fearing us and sometimes by breaking us (into castes).

On December 6th 1992 few thousand of our brothers and sisters thought enough is enough and showed courage of destroying a disputed structure, they faced bullets and beating in result but they had a smile on face after the success. 25 years are gone and still we have no clue about time when we will be able to see the temple. Still we all should celebrate 6th December as “Shaurya Diwas”, not only to flaunt religious supremacy but also to pay tribute to all braves who lost their life for this cause.

And this is for everyone who want us to advice us against temple, if you want government to open school/hospital, ask government for a land anywhere else,if you want to build a mosque then go ahead and turn your house into one. But don’t preach us, we are not asking for your help to build our Ram Mandir, we are capable enough to get it on our own.

Jai Shri Ram.

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