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The saffron surge: The rise and rise of BJP

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By the time I publish this, BJP will have successfully started running another State Government (this time with JDU in Bihar). The recent events were no less than a political thriller, but the game-plan from being an opposition party to being the co-party in power in Bihar has reaffirmed the fact that BJP is now more of a Joint Stock Company than a political party. It wants to make profits (in this case their dream of achieving Congress Mukt Bharat) and its party rank and file are working tirelessly to make that happen. Their mandate is to deliver results to shareholders (Public). Their PR Team is the best in the business. No one is even near to them while it comes to marketing and campaigning. The Council of Ministers in the Government are best in their jobs. Their CEO Amit Shah is like the street-smart CEO which the global giants have at their helm and is ensuring with his wit and wisdom that their dream is achieved. And with Chairman as Narendra Modi, the brand BJP is scaling great heights like never before.

With almost 50% states being directly/indirectly governed by BJP, they are well on their course. They are already drawing their strategy for the remaining key states of West Bengal, Orissa and Tamil Nadu where they never had any presence. Back channeling has started, and it would be interesting how the state elections would pan out for these states in future. Given the pity state these 3 states are currently in, it would just help the cause for BJP. A pact with God-like Rajnikanth in Tamil Nadu, anti incumbency in Orissa and fall of grace for Mamta Banerjee due to the recent communal riots might just seal the deal for BJP.

BJP is currently at a point where it can easily be termed as invincible. Its winning almost everything in the past 3 years except for few minor hiccups like Delhi. Its invincibility is similar to Congress’s post independence till Emergency. India’s foreign relations are at the best ever. The Big 5 are coping up to India namely USA, UK, Russia, Germany, France. China and Pakistan still remain volatile but kept in check due to good diplomacy decisions.

Domestically, stock markets are breaching new heights, there is hope in the job market. The PR team is promoting idea of New India and making people believe it. A new tax regime is being treated as a festival and people are convinced to believe that life will be great under GST (Irony-by paying tax life will be easy and happy). A demonetization measure (a brilliant initiative although poorly executed) has been promoted to the people that it will end corruption. So in all people are in awe and complete admiration for this Government something that FDR enjoyed post Depression in 1930s in USA.

But with unchallenged supremacy comes uncontrollable mob followers who usually take law in their hands due to their proximity to the supreme party. The recent mob lynching incidents, the personal/ sexual remarks on journalists/ spokespersons of other parties indicate that India is still miles away as far as political/ social maturity is concerned. Elections are like sports. Someone wins, someone loses. Likewise, someone has a right wing ideology or someone has a left wing ideology. Someone is communal, someone is secular. Its fair to have ideologies. But forcing them on others or shaming others who don’t share similar ideologies, is certainly not the way India should be going ahead with, if it wants to achieve global supremacy. USA achieved unparalleled supremacy due its open and free culture back home (slavery was their biggest problem and they solved it more than a century back).

BJP’s rise to power is often compared with rise of Nazi Party in Germany in 1930s. Many critics of Mr Modi have compared him to Hitler (for their anti minority stands). Hitler was a nationalist and patriot like Mr Modi but the Holocaust was the most unpardonable sin he committed for which history will always remember him in bad light. With the ghosts of 2002 legally acquitting Modi, he will never have the stain as that of Hitler’s. But why the comparison then? Its simple. Both had similar growth paths. Forced loss of national pride in their growing years (Emergency/WW1 defeat), victorious and unchallenged rise to supremacy (2014/1933), trait of channelizing an entire nation towards sovereignty pride. The slow and steady BJPnisation of India even though draws similarities to rise of Nazi Party in Germany, the circumstances in Germany in 1930s and India in 2010s are quite different. They had lost land and respect post WW1 while India just had a non growing economy. So, the comparison is actually baseless.

However, if you look at it a holistic level, the current scheme of things I mentioned above with respect to increasing mob lynching and public shaming incidents paints a bad picture. If not controlled, it conveys that the Government is giving free hand for the same and then the situation goes out of hand. It can lead to 2 scenarios- The Government and the mobs having utmost control over the land or a slow and steady gaining public outcry which can eventually bring such Governments down (Egypt). So, Mr. Modi’s government should take note of this at the earliest and don’t let the situation get out of hand. For, the history only remembers the misdeeds more than good deeds. One stain can take years to wipe off (who knows it better than Mr Modi). Modi Government is doing a good job (at least that’s what is the talk on the ground). And if he wishes to go down in history as one of India’s greatest leaders, he needs to do some serious amends at the situation in home.

Abraham Lincoln once observed, “Nearly all men can stand adversity. But to test a man’s character, give him power.”

I just hope that Mr Narendra Modi takes us on the path of glory and prosperity and shows the character in taking tough decisions in social, economic, political spectrum in the days to come. Then the idea of New India by 2022 will surely mean something and all souls in Indian Mainland would actually enjoy basking in the glory of the same.

Jai Hind.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the blog are personal and for informative purposes only. The views shouldn’t be perceived as defamatory or demeaning about any person living or dead.

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