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Pakistan’s Panama Verdict and Mental Constipation of India’s ‘Intellectuals’

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Engineering Student. Politics is passion.

Pakistan’s Prime Ministerial post is like that of ‘Defence Against Dark Arts’ post of Hogwarts; cursed by its own ‘He who must  not be named’ -The Army. Keep with the tradition of not letting any of its PM complete his full term; Nawaz Sharif was ousted by Pakistan’s Supreme Court.

The condition for disqualification was that mentioned in Article 62/63 of Pakistan’s constitution; added by then Dictator Zia ul Haq. It sets high the Morality Criteria for  Civilians to hold the highest positions. The verdict invited much criticism from the International Diaspora terming it as Indirect Military coup. Any sane person would understand this that it was not about the justice being served; but not some self declared champions of ‘Intellectualism’ from India.

The tweet by a so-called liberal

I am here posting the tweets of two ’eminent’ ‘secular’ ‘liberal’ ‘intellectuals’ without any comment. You can judge from that:

So some of the ‘blessed with monopoly over intellectualism’ souls of our country used this verdict to thrash the current establishment. Suddenly Pakistan’s judiciary which hanged its own Prime Minister; which never took any action against its Army Generals which were  involved into High-scale corruption and Genocide, too became a very much independent one.

I mean they didn’t even care to take into consideration various editorials written on the verdict criticising Pakistan’s Military for it in Various ‘Elitist’ newspapers like WSJ, FP, Economic Times; which these souls regard as Bible. In fact, Nawaz Sharif hasn’t even been probed; the accusations on him arent even proved; but our intellectuals have ‘probed and sentenced’ those Indians who have  alleged to be named in those papers.

And funny thing is Panama Papers aren’t even considered to be genuine by many of the people in International Community. But  who would  explain this to these souls who have been driven by an agenda to  oppose each and everything that this government does.

Sometimes I feel the constant win of Modi will one day drive this people crazy. They will go to any extent to criticise him and his actions. The tranquility and hostility of these souls towards current establishment will never end but we surely can expose them wherever needed.

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Engineering Student. Politics is passion.
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