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From hating India, ‘liberals’ are moving towards breaking India

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Nation’s gamut of opposition, and its fourth pillar of democracy can only get so low: It’s one thing to hate Modi (though even that is not logical because it is driven by pathological hatred for Hinduism, and zero logic), but it is another thing to distrust and demean Army. The same army whose Jawans are not able to talk or walk properly (because of bullets pierced at different body parts) but despite this they don the uniform with utmost pride and humility.

At a time when Kashmir is infested with internal and external terrorism, and the country should be standing up in one voice these imbecile anti- nationals of first kind (not trying to say all the opposition or all the media houses but certainly most of them) are mentally masturbating like a bunch of spoiled brats. They are busy fighting for the human right of the stone-pelter civilians engaging and promoting terrorism, and not asserting that the human rights of an army soldier are supreme, and that an Indian soldier’s rights should take precedence over those of terrorists or a militant or a  civilian aiding the terrorists. Moreover what do the stone-pelters want? They want jobs? They want fish or beef? They want money? (though they get paid for it by ISI and Pak). They want democracy?

None of it- All they want is Islamiyat and an Islamic State, or otherwise they would have been in school or college (funded by our tax) and seeking a better future in the mainstream. I have read numerous articles, but I still don’t see the conclusion or the way to end all these theatrics. Also, what is the point of articles when the loath still continues? I am sure it gets challenged in petty way (by the likes of me), but the point is it still continues. Why does the so called liberal gang hate army and everything that has to do with protecting the idea of India? In this article I will just like to contemplate on how did we reach to the stage where army’s sacrifice and work is debated? Should we be scared Scared of what? Of whom?

Infidelity and treachery of some of our own people has lead us to the present stage; ideologies, and everything that matters takes a toll when you trade it for money, and that’s why I always believe in following the money to trace the traitors; it’s organized trickery and an organised campaign to peddle anti- India filth in return of which they get to discuss the idea of India in English while enjoying Scotch, Single malt or 1974 Chateau Lafite, enjoy trips and vacations to foreign locales under the garb of conferences, participate in TV debates, and get perverse perks with doles from foreign intelligence agencies and other foreign organizations whose agenda is to Break India or Convert India.

It goes like this; pick up an ideology or pick up an issue like human rights of Kashmiri Muslims or liberalism or feminism or LGBT or Minority Rights or Environment or Freedom of Arts and Expression (debating about Pakistani actors acting is some dumb Bollywood movies while giving tow hoots to dead soldiers, crying victim when countered for being stupid) or Nuclear blah blah, float an NGO, open a bank account, gather a few sidekicks and make noise, attract TRP-led Media attention, and voila u have a dynastic business which your children can take over from you.

The same liberals or thugs as I call them talk about alienation of Kashmir, plight of Muslims, beef ban, freedom of expression but largely keep mum on various other similar issues which involves Hindus, otherwise what is the reason for the predominant silence on what happened to the Hindus of Sindh, Hindus of east Bengal, or Pakistan, Where are they? In the Republic of India, there was one, just one large region where Muslims were a majority. Kashmir. What happened to Hindus there? Why are the Pandits of Kashmir not in Kashmir? Why the entire Pandit population heartlessly pushed out of the Valley through rape and threats of violence? Why was not the much cherished secularism able to protect them? And the most important question that still alienates these hoax intellectuals; What hearts can be won when the remaining Muslim population in the Valley has no reasonable demands to make of the Indian state?

Why do these liberals skirt around from giving terrorism a name, when it is very well known that it is mostly to do with one particular religion. Aren’t they aware of the status of democratic, religious and cultural freedoms in the Muslim majority nations across the world? Why do they have empathy for anyone who perpetrates violence and bloodshed in the name of his religion? They have seen what a PhD in Islamic Studies is doing to the world? It is an established fact that a substantial chunk of global terrorism emanates from one or the other sect of the followers of Islam. So why are they still so apologetic?

Why are they are so keen on dividing Bharat over caste, language, religion, food habits, north and south? I will tell why; because a failed India will be a better target for their self- serving agendas, because they know that we Hindus (majority) have a laid back attitude and we take everything in stride. They strike us every day, we reply late on Sundays. As Indians we have learnt to adjust a little too much. The slavery  have withered away but the citizens have yet not come out of their servitude, to see what is rightfully theirs and where it is going. A nation is just an idea, the more pride and passion we invest in it the more powerful it becomes, the more respect we get from the world

The ‘liberal’ assessment and understanding of India is so ‘orientalist’. Orientalism’ is the label given to a body of scholarship produced by European scholars, mostly British, German and French, in the nineteenth century. Why are the domestic ‘liberals’ so fearful and negative of the country they inhabit. In their eyes it is a downright dangerous place. Why? When we are talking about liberal it is given that they belong to elite class with zero idea of ground reality, the privileges they take for granted are something which regulars Indians fight for lifetime and still die without getting it. The members of this group are brainwashed, snobbish or just so remote from real life that they do not understand how things work?

They live in largely sanitized, antiseptic islands in a land known for its dust and chaos. When you are raised in these localities, it is very likely that your country will appear random and ‘dangerous’ to you, because it will be such a contrast to what you are accustomed to. They don’t want to be included in our culture because that will make them so common, and common is something they don’t want to become, because if everyone gets to drinking 1974 Chateau Lafite then will not it lose its significance? They don’t have one solution to any of our problem, only trivial discussion. The above theatrics is so easy to identify but the problem is that instead of bringing out their thuggery, even genuine people try to mimic the same intellectuals to gain a membership in the club.

The problem with most of the middle class Hindus who obtain rank and fame is that instead of trying to find out their own path or break the monopoly they too start posturing as liberals and an attempt at social climbing. They do this to find acceptance among these upper or upper middle class folks I have described above. Because it’s always good to be included in classy Lutyens Delhi cocktails parties where logic takes a toll and English is the only thing that matters.

We are confused about our Hindutva, and the opportunists find it a good platform to exploit. Even the so called right wing is always apologetic about being included in the cultural right, because they think that it will dampen there liberal outlook. What they don’t understand is being a Hindu automatically means being Liberal, as Hinduism does not have any dogmatic principles that are cast in stone, making it continuously evolving and self-reforming. What is the point of all the economic development when you cannot offer an iota of respect by bringing home the point that we need to respect the Jawans defending our borders.

How can appeasement and anti-Hindu politics go unpunished in a Hindu majority country? How can a cow be slaughtered in a public gathering, cooked and served, How can students (studying on tax given by Indian citizens, and who should focus its energies on debating issues such as endemic poverty, employment growth, income inequality, gender inequality, environmental degradation, poor educational and indicators et al.) utter slogans such as “Kashmir demands Azadi”, or “Bharat Tere Tukde Honge” remain unpunished, and to top it eulogized as another messiah? Why do we even listen to the debate of people who have always been cheerleader of Kashmir separatism? Why is the freedom of expression only debated whenever Hindus have complained about their sensibilities being hurt- as in the cases of Wendy Doniger or MF Husain? Why don’t we understand that few things are simply nonnegotiable, that few things should be thrown out lock, stock and barrel instead of repeatedly debating over it, and that democracy is not about  cutting “anti-nationals” some slack.

What is the way out? Frankly speaking, if we keep listening to the filth peddled by media and liberals, and keep reading the junks available in our history books then we won’t be ever able to come out of the time wrap nor will we be able to see Hinduism in its entirety. So first thing first, we should change the hegemony of left liberal in academia, we should find all the false bullshit peddled by them till now, and replace it by the true thing. Only then will people start respecting the idea of India, the idea of Hindustan. Only when people start thinking on those line, and start taking pride in their history can we collectively progress as a society.

As youngsters we should read more about Indian history, instead of listening to the Bollywood crap of who is dating who? We can try to focus our energy on things that actually matter, we can try to read more, form our own truth, so that we can at least challenge the lies of anti- nationals from the comfort of our house. When the army is doing so much for us, I feel that that is the least we can do. In terms of strategy vis a vis Pakistan I am not an expert but from what I have read I believe that the progression of strategy must be along the following lines (not in the specific order) allow the armed forces to take full geographical control of the valley and create the conditions for the police and politicians to do their jobs or speak freely. the government needs to realize that giving army full freedom to act as they deem fit against terror or Pakis is nothing but self-deception, because Army cannot fight media crooks, Pak stooges and Maoist supporters in society, that needs to be done by sustained pressure on Pak, their stooges in India and their political envoys.

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