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Will our academia be ever free of hypocrite liberals?

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A Dilliwala, first and last and always !!

Recent reports of furore over a planned Yajna before the kick-start to a symposium titled Nationalistic Journalism in Current Scenario: Media and Myth, at Delhi’s Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC) on May 20, has once again laid bare the hypocrisy of left liberals, who continue to occupy Indian academia exercising disproportionate influence in the public sphere.

Looking to find more details about the event, I stumbled upon a pro-RSS writer Prathak Batohi’s Facebook post, which gives a good background on the event. Quite clearly, the organizers have an RSS background and conducting Yajna might indeed be their idea of Hindutva assertion in a left dominated IIMC but doesn’t it exposes the hypocrisies of  advocates of free speech that instead of countering the content of symposium itself, they chose to target Yajna, exposing their virulent hatred for anything representing Indian culturalism. And this while shamelessly participating and organizing the Iftar parties across the Universities during Ramzan.

It is also ironical, those who raised slogans demanding Azaadi from India and later from RSS (a change in script as advised by sympathetic news traders) and vowed to fight with all their might to this effect, are suddenly getting scared by a simple Vedic practice of Yajna.

It is the time to say enough is enough to this abhorrent hypocrisies of the left liberals. They have occupied our places of learning for far too long oppressing ideas in conflict with theirs, turning campuses into battlefields by getting into confrontation, often violent, with differing ideologies while conveniently blaming the others abetted by media shops. The seats of intellectual openness have become stifled where dissent is shouted down as saffronization and fascism. And yet claim moral high ground on free speech, tolerance etc.

It will only be proper that the revolution which brought the voice of ordinary and non-privileged people to the forefront and made it the mainstream of this nation’s discourse also finds its way into our academia and truly democratizes those spaces. Sooner the better.

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A Dilliwala, first and last and always !!

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