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Home Satire The Lal Krishna Advani column: Understanding the timing of Demonetization

The Lal Krishna Advani column: Understanding the timing of Demonetization

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Nameste folks,
Today I am going to tell you the reason for the timing behind demonetization. Several reasons have been put forward on why Narendra Modi chose 8 November 2016 as the date for implementing demonetization.

However, from our vast experience, only my colleague in the Margadarshak Mandal, Murli Mahohar Joshi and I can give you the real reasons.

Murli Manohar Joshi thinks that 8th November was chosen because it is my birthday.

Yes, I turned 89 on 8th November 2016 and Murli Manohar Joshi thinks that this was Modi’s way of expressing gratitude to me, a lifelong crusader against corruption. He even thinks that Modi renamed the RCR to Lok Kalyan Marg because LKM means Lal Krishna Margadarshak.

However, I have my own views. I think Modi chose 8th November for demonetization because this was the day of the US Presidential Elections. Confused? Let me explain.

It is I who have groomed and mentored both Narendra Modi and Arun Jaitley to what they are today. So I can visualize the conversation they must have had when they finalized demonetization.

Arun Jaitley: “So we are all set. Just 1 thing Narendrabhai.”

Narendra Modi: “Yes, tell me.”

Arun Jaitley: “Just before you announce demonetization, I will go on NDTV and give a live and exclusive interview to Barkha Dutt about it.”

Narendra Modi: “Sure.”

(Then, on 8th November 2016)

Narendra Modi: “Let’s announce demonetization today evening.”

Arun Jaitley: “Sure. (Dialing the phone) Hello Barkha, I have exclusive breaking news for you. I am coming over the NDTV studio.”

Barkha Dutt: Yes, I know. Hillary Clinton is tonight going to break the highest glass ceiling in the world. Busy cheering her. Talk to you later. Bye.

So, folks, that’s the real reason why 8th November was chosen. See you soon with more insights from our Margadarshak Mandal.

Lal Krishna Advani

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