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Home Reports Is India truly prepared for terrorist takeover of Pakistan?

Is India truly prepared for terrorist takeover of Pakistan?

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Pakistan has always remained an extremely unstable country only slightly better than its western neighbors. Pakistan’s foreign policy is based on hatred for India and not progressive. This can be sensed in all their missile names being that of ruthless Mughal invaders. It is immense difficult to be a truly democratic country when you have religion as a priority.

Given the number of instances of political turmoil, increased home grown terror attacks and clear threat to the peaceful existence of Sufism, combined with the past history, there is a genuine threat of takeover of the state by terrorist forces.

If such an unfortunate event should take place, is India prepared for it?

Common sense dictates, in such a scenario, India has to act in lightning speed to dismantle/destroy such nuclear arsenal at their source.

This can be possible only if India knows the detailed whereabouts of the Nuclear facility/technology in place.
Destroying a nuclear arsenal without big impact to the neighborhood is an immense challenge even to the advanced nations.

Israel once offered to destroy the nuclear arsenal of Pakistan, only to be rejected by Indian peace mongers. If such a technology existed decades back, is India prepared to do it in a lightning way without the bureaucratic delays similar to the Kargil war?

India has immense national level problems like poverty, education, child rights. But the safety of a country is first priority and preparing for one falls in it too.

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