Beware: MSM spreading lies about rift between Ramdev and PM Modi

The Quint has recently released one story claiming that all is not well between Baba Ramdev and the BJP. As expected, the site has conveniently twisted Baba’s statement to create a catchy headline.

The concerned article’s headline suggests that there is a rift between the Yoga Guru and the Prime Minister. It also indicates that Ramdev tagged note-ban as a scam. This is nothing but a distortion of facts because Baba Ramdev spoke about implementation and was actually talking about a scam in the banking sector.

Most importantly, the Yoga Guru has highlighted the fake note scam from Congress era and RBI’s involvement in the interaction. However, the Quint conveniently ignored that part and kept it out of the story. Perhaps, they wanted to give an anti-Modi angle to the story and keep someone happy by not discussing fake notes distributed by the RBI during Congress regime. Let’s take a look at Yoga Guru’s complete statement.

What did Baba Ramdev say?

Even today, most of the people waiting in queue outside banks or ATMs will praise Prime Minister Modi for his step. Some of them would probably criticize plan’s implementation. People would also ask the government to take strict action against corrupt nationalized bank employees who went an extra mile to help the corrupt. This is exactly what Baba Ramdev has said!

“PM Modi must have never imagined that so many bank officials from various banks are corrupt. I think bank employees must have made millions of rupees, and the government would find that this banking sector scam is worth three to five lakh crores”, said Ramdev, while interacting with journalists during an event organized by Dainik Bhaskar.

He pointed out that cash supply was adequate, but banks gave those new notes to corrupt black money holders. Thus, implementation could have definitely been better.

Baba Ramdev highlighted the point that RBI was probably involved in fake notes scam during Congress regime according to news reports. Two notes with same serial numbers were found during UPA rule. If such notes are found yet again, it will create a huge blot on the country’s economy.

Even now, some officials from the RBI are under scanner, and this is very unfortunate. This puts a question mark on the overall government machinery. Prime Minister showed too much faith in bankers.

On being asked about his suggestions given to PM Modi, Baba Ramdev shared the information that he had advised the government to remove higher denomination notes, promote a cashless system and impose transaction based tax. The third suggestion was bringing transparency in the banking system.

He made it clear that he looks at all parties from the same lens and he has openly supported PM Modi during Lok Sabha polls. So, the point is clear, he has criticized implementation and has not said anything against the party or PM Modi. It’s better to ignore rumor mongers. They are everywhere, not just leftist friends, but even some RW websites write crap full of grammatical errors with catchy headlines to make revenue from Google.

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