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Home Media As Hindu Male XI beats Pakistan, Indian media loses "golden chance" to humiliate India

As Hindu Male XI beats Pakistan, Indian media loses “golden chance” to humiliate India

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Abhishek Banerjee
Abhishek Banerjee is a math lover who may or may not be an Associate Professor at IISc Bangalore. He is the author of Operation Johar - A Love Story, a novel on the pain of left wing terror in Jharkhand, available on Amazon here.  

Just 23 on the board with 3 wickets down…India chasing 119 in 18 overs on a very tricky Eden Gardens pitch…

And then the communal all-Hindu male heterosexual cricket team sends out Virat Kohli to score 55 off just 37 balls to reaffirm Indian imperialism over its oppressed neighbors in front of a jingoistic partisan crowd. Over the next hour, Kohli, Dhoni and Yuvraj run across the Eden pitch multiple times, each time brutally trampling the idea of India under their boots. Finally, Vande Mataram plays ominously in the background as India complete their 11th straight World Cup win over Pakistan…

(Homework for liberals: find out the caste of each member of the Hindu Male XI and check whether the caste is proportionally represented in the team).

Indian media had been going over the edge for a while now…and it seems they have finally crossed the tipping point and are finally beginning to fall off the cliff. The path

anti-Modi —> anti-Hindu –> anti-India

has finally been covered. In a sign of how Indian media is finally beginning to look exactly like Pakistan, we had this from India Today:


I am posting the screenshot  in the hope that at some point India Today will feel some shame and decide to quietly change the headline. As of now, the headline is still there.

Perhaps India Today has done the honorable thing by letting the headline stay…perhaps they want to own up to their true loyalties…

It’s not just one headline or one story or one cricket game. We are beginning to see a frontal assault by our media on almost anything that might evoke any national pride. Here is the Firstpost after India lost the opening game to New Zealand:

Again a jibe trying to project people who were cheering for the Indian team as low IQ jingoists,  unlike the enlightened liberals who are able to get international fellowships to speak ill of India. While the low IQ natives are limited in their perspective by things like national pride, the global liberals are a cut above. They understand what’s really important,  such as researching gender studies in a taxpayer funded ivory tower and collecting Sahitya Akademi awards…

This has been going on and on. The image of “Bharat Mata” has been receiving a lot of hatred of late, being described as a “militant Goddess”  and what not.. Sample these articles in Troll:

How the Sangh Parivar transformed Bharat Mata into a militant Goddess”

How Bharat Mata became the code word for a theocratic Hindu state”(

In these articles, even Bankim Chandra Chatterjee comes under fire for creating “proto-versions” of Hindu fascism (these days more often called “Wahabi Hinduism”). After all, did Bankim Chandra ever win a Sahitya Akademi award?

So, they look down on us for cheering for the Indian cricket team. If we worship an image of Bharat Mata, they see a “militant Goddess” and a sinister conspiracy to create a theocratic state. If we just watch a military parade on Republic Day, they have a problem with that too. Here is Malini Parthasarathy, former editor of The Hindu:

By now, liberals bullying anything Hindu from yoga to Sanskrit has become so routine that we hardly even notice any more. Constant whining by liberals is now part of the background noise of any Hindu festival, from Diwali to Holi to Karvachauth and Rakhi. The only time a liberals let us have a “quiet day for joy” is this:

That’s the Assistant Executive Editor of Mail Today. Thank you very much.

The new aim is to defame, belittle and jeer at any form of national expression. In short, the real “idea of India” is that India should not exist at all! Some people are already saying that upfront…


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Abhishek Banerjee
Abhishek Banerjee is a math lover who may or may not be an Associate Professor at IISc Bangalore. He is the author of Operation Johar - A Love Story, a novel on the pain of left wing terror in Jharkhand, available on Amazon here.  

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