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Rahul Gandhi as Twitter’s Newest Troll

While the Modi govt has been using social media to engage,

Social work teaching and reality, when preacher is a demon: My ordeal as a learner

I fear that my career will be jeopardised after writing this,

An age of innocence – my experience with govt health centers in 1980s

A doctor shares his three decade ago's experience of a situation

GST कॉउन्सिल में वित्त मंत्री जेटली ने की टैक्स दरों में फेर-बदल की बात

22वे GST कॉउन्सिल मीटिंग में श्री अरुण जेटली ने दिवाली के

Is the economic scenario in India as bad as some news reports suggest?

One needs to do some talking/walking together to get to know

मोदी जी ने दिखाया अपना रिपोर्ट कार्ड

इस रपोट कार्ड को देखा जाये तो बीजेपी ने विकास की

MSM Fake News Monitor: Times of India on Taj

The propagandists don’t realize that running down India’s magnificent heritage isn’t

Why Underworld doesn’t sell anymore

Now underworld doesn't create any fascination amongst the audience. Read why.

Cow slaughter: How the Rohingyas failed to honour the sensitivities of the Buddhist population

Recent history shows that the Rohingyas have failed to integrate with

Indian Feminism and its strange romance with Islam

Indian feminism is just another way to destroy Hindu culture.

India at 70: some thoughts on Independence Day

At 70, India is a young country but Indians as a

Article 35A- A clear example of subversion of democratic credentials of India

Article 35A is the most controversial Article, or it can be

Trademark Rules 2017- Jingles and chimes can be a sound mark

Using a sound as a trademark for the brand has not

Shimla Rape Case: Why people failed to believe SIT and State Government?

A big cover-up of a rape and murder case by the